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Friday, October 2, 2009

Simple Multip[lication

Little boys up early, they can watch TV or you can go to my site and watch Multiplication Rock and then watch TV...the 3 year old can sing along to several songs the heck out of a lot of the stuff that's out there.

Multiplication just allows us to count fast. This will be useful later so we don't get lost in computation when we are doing story problems or so called "higher math" and such.

The lesson lasted about 18 min...6 songs. Got out blocks as we sang...for "I got six" got out sixes...showed 3 sixes is a ten and an eight right along to the song...handed the three year old fours as we sang about 4's...

It's not rocket science. Repetition...breeds speed and skill. They listen to Crazy Frog a hundred times a week why not help them listen to math...instead of or in addition to...?

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