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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Ten Apples Up On Top..."

Ever since I started this little adventure of blogging and building Crewton Ramone's House of Math I have talked about having links to products I know work (for teaching math) or that I actually use and have had good experiences with.

Here is a super simple one:

For teaching little kids how to count and get a one to one correspondence this book is great. Don't just read it to them, have them count and point with their fingers...get creative. Do simple addition and ask how many more one animal has than the other. Count a lot on just about every page, add up the apples--"How many do they have together?" "Who has the most apples?" etc. There are times when this book takes a half hour to get through...if you just read it it takes less than ten minutes.

Talk about the pictures, count by tens at the end and count by 7's when they all have 7 apples up on top. There is a page where the lion has 3 the dog has 4 and the tiger has 7...make it into a little problem 3 + 4 = 7 but also show them 3 needs 4 to be 7 and 4 needs 3 to be 7 etc. MAIN THING: HAVE FUN.

Add this book to your library if you have young children. As you can see it's a very low cost tool that can make a big difference if used properly. Eventually maybe I'll have a detailed page that shows some of the things I do, page by page, but I'm pretty sure you can handle it. Great before bedtime or as a playtime activity where you get out the blocks and follow along...


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