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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing With Addends

Playing with addends. A lesson on combining. If you listen carefully you will hear addition and subtraction together.

Here the younger boy is loading up the tray so we can play with it. He is building tens and seeing and touching the pairs, complements or in mathematical nomenclature: addends for TEN.

addition subtraction kit, addends, prescool math activities

This is an "Addition Subtraction kit" from Mortensen Math. Very useful for putting a child in a situation where they cannot fail, they build ten and learn all 45 addends. They can't help but learn some subtraction too. Do you need this kit? It's nice but if you have a combo kit you don't really need it...some parents want to have everything and it is nice to have. Meantime you have everything you need in a combo kit.

addition subtraction kit, addends, prescool math activities

Note they changed clothes for the video...

Here is a quick video showing two boys fooling around with addends. They have become camera aware and now ham it up a little for the camera by pretending they don't know the answers.

Years from now when shown these videos I'm going to be interested in their response. Anyhow, note there is no "no" in the lesson, they are simply told what they have and they are not wrong they just get more information...

Many people use these powerful tools to teach addition at this age and that's about it...and maybe some place value but they can learn so many more concepts.

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