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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Playing Math With Base 10 Blocks

At my house this doesn't even qualify as "math time" anymore. It's just playing blocks. The fact that they are learning their addends and other math facts as well as refining their motor skills is an added bonus.

When we did do math we basically fooled around with factoring quadratics and distributive theory.

They multiplied problems like 5(3x + 2) = 15x + 10.

And factored problems like x2 + 12x + 27...

They learned LOTS of math doing these and more problems like them. We laffed, we cried, we spent some time learning addends and multiplication and factoring via the algebra. Most places you are supposed to know your math facts BEFORE you get to algebra. If you want to watch the lesson you will need a password so you can go to the sample lessons page. If you click that link you will go directly to it or click the picture will ask you for your password and should redirect you to the vid, or just click on the URL in the address window of your browser and hit enter, if not just scroll down until you see the video titled More Algebra for Basic Ops. Also check out the vids right ABOVE it.

Here is a super short sample of the 36 minute video.

Passwords are cheap and easy to get and don't change near as often as they should. # bucks will get you in for at leaste 60 days, and it will take you about that long to watch all the stuff I have up.

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