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Friday, February 10, 2012

A poem about the Unit Circle by Crewton Ramone.

All we do is count by sixths and fourths and thirds
And your friends will try and tell you that to do this you have to be some kind of math nerd
Personally I find this thinking to be quite absurd

Six, four and three
Adding same kind is pretty EASY
Especially when you can see
1/6 equals 30 degrees
You count the 60's by three's and of course
The 45's are counted by fouths

You don't have to try just count to two pi
And you get there by 1/6ths, 1/4ths and 1/3rds
It's so easy I don't really have words

Can you believe it makes some of your classmates cry
because they can't count by 1/6ths, 1/4ths or 1/3rds to 2pi ?
And somehow they fail to see
That 30 is just 90 divided by 3,
And 180 divided by 3 is 60
So OF COURSE 30 degrees is pi over 6
The misunderstanding was easy to fix
Since 90 is pi over two multiply by a third and you're through

An half of 90 is 45, SO
Multiply 2 by 2 and you're good to go
If you try to tell me this stuff is hard
I will beg to differ and call you a tard

And then we can start talking about sin cos and tan
Just chant soh cah toa like you're a cave man
When applied to the unit circle you get x, y, and r
But just memorizing this won't get you too far
If you draw the special triangles you just divide them by 2
Make the hypotenuse 1 it's easy to do

Then stick them in the circle and move them around
All you do is count the sides as by now you've certainly found
And just keep counting; you see the theory is sound
Math is just numbers and all we do with numbers is count
With this simple knowledge the unit circle is easy to surmount

Now we take the whole thing and roll it around the the coordinate plane
And you end up with these beautiful wave forms that make kids insane
The period is two pi, but now up and down we go
Just look at the wave forms and you will know
What happens at pi and one and zero

Understand the concepts and then all they can do
Is change the numbers around on you
And it won't matter because you can see
All it is, is counting by fractions of pi whose denominators are 2, 6, 4 or 3
You count to one twice because pi is 180

Two pi is 360 and you're done
And you barely need hero zero
Although you definitely need no fun get back to one
And you use the rectangle to organize thought
Pythagoras' squares get you out of tight spots
Once you understand what it means to be same
It turns out you thinking math was hard
Was really quite lame.

You speak English: that's hard
Math is so much easier in so many regards
Five simple concepts
You master in baby steps
And now you know what I say is true
By the time I'm done with you there won't be a damh thing you can't do.

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