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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ratios With Sarah

Ratios are easy. All you do is cross multiply. Why? And what if you for get the rules? Here is a series of videos staring Sarah who is studying for her GED. This series gets cut off before we finish but what is on vid is worth sharing. Remember this kid is autistic...but I don't treat her with kid gloves (anymore), and she is doing quite well with math. Look for other blog posts where she is featured and prepare to be amazed. Also look for a future post where the autistic savant rears it's head...she is beginning to recall math facts and remember seemingly random facts that she has seen before.

{I'll put a link in when I make the post. Note to self.}

In these vid we begin to see what do when presented with ratio problems and rather than give rules on when to multiply or divide we think about the relationships. Once we understand that then we can start making up rules to describe what's happening and what to do to get the answer. Note I give her no rules. Later she tells me the rules...unfortunately I did not get it on video. But by the last video you can see she understands it. Then and only then do we move on.

Note I put the P1 in front to make it easy to search and find the next vid...P1 Crewton Ramone and Sarah Playing Ratios and Relationships.

Note when I say tricky I am using her verbage because there's nothing tricky about these it's just math.

As they understand it they do it easier and faster.

And here is the final one where she shows she understands it.

After these we move on to problems where it's not just whole numbers but fractions but we didn't get any of it on can see more with Sarah on Sarah's page.

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