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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3rd Power In His Head

Here is a gem. Don't tell me they have to have base 10 blocks or they will become block dependent using this method. Watch the older boy picture this problem

x³ + 9x² + 23x + 16 =

in his head...counting out the parts as he goes and then give it to me to solve.

This is a lesson on factoring and counting and multiplication...and how to be cool and have fun when you do math. The reason they don't need base 10 blocks is because they have been using base ten blocks...and we are learning by drawing and visualizing. Here is a post on 3rd power algebra where you can get an idea of what it is he is "looking at" in his head. We baby stepped our way here but now you begin to see the POWERFUL results of using this method.

More algebra at CRHOM. If you want to see more "advanced" algebra click on the "advanced algebra" tab.

We watched this together. The youngest boy pointed out that he drew 6x² + 10x + 4 and didn't get very much attention for it. He also told me the factors (you can see the drawing in black in front of him) (3x + 2)(2x + 2). "Come on, that was pretty cool dad." So we are going to make a new vid where he gets as much attention as his brother...

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