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Monday, April 21, 2014

Base Ten Block Parent Teacher Training

The way to Abstraction.
People are demanding that I spoon feed them math even though I have a huge semi-organized website, hundreds of youtube videos and this blog with hundreds of entries. I haven't covered everything but I've covered a lot of stuff in 5 years. With Crewton Ramone plus a search engine you should be able to find lots of stuff on division or algebra or whatever it is...

Now people are wanting actual I am going to make a video series that you can actually buy (down load or eventually buy physically and have shipped). I will have an actual product on DVD in a case and everything..."soon." To start though I'll just stick it on a password protected page with it's own password (have to do this with my book too) and for the fist 50 people who get it I'll sell you a that password for 15 bucks  AND I'll give you a couple months free to the rest of the password protected pages if you don't already have that password. (That will be two passwords.)

Anybody with a Lifetime Password gets the password to this and a download automatically. (Told you a life time password would pay dividends down the road and there's plenty more to come).

FOR 15 bucks you'll get over 2 hours of training like you see here and some more pages and videos that I think are especially pertinent that are out there lurking on the web for FREE that you just might not have seen or found yet but the training you see here won't be available anywhere else...except for maybe Pirate Bay after I make the DVDs. Further if you want physical product after that you can get that too just pay "shipping and handling".

THEN for the next 50 the price is 19.99...but no second password but if you want the physical product just say so and I'll ship that to you no extra charge.

After that the price will be 19.99 for the download/single use password and 24.99 for the download and the physical DVD. Then maybe I'll do a subscription where once a month or so you get another DVD...also eventually I will get an outline and edited transcript done, and that will be part of the package.

Also I plan to "gussy up" the video with some editing and captioning before it goes to the physical DVD stage...and hopefully before it goes up on my site for download too, but a lot of people want it NOW never mind the polish...of course you can have both if you in the first 100. Also a lot of people are going to get the download for FREE, like I said those who are in the early adopters club and any parents who have paid for tutoring...I think with the DVD and transcript plus notes (eBook and physical) it'll be well worth the money.  If you disagree say so in the comments.

If you are new around here, here is an Hour Long Intro and a bunch of other vids. This is good "training" in and of itself. FREE.

Then here is a Getting Started Page. It's for the Deluxe Curriculum Starter Kit but it certainly applies if all you have is a combo kit or just some blocks you got off ebay or whatever.  Be sure to download and read the pdf's there. Still FREE.

People are amazed at my site and all the stuff they get for free...there's even free worksheets (which you are to use SPARINGLY) then they are even more amazed when they cough up a few bucks for a password and see all the stuff they get there. 25 bucks is damh near free when you consider the thousands (and thousands) of bucks I spent traveling to Idaho and bringing Jerry to Maui and and and to get trained because there is very little good training on base ten blocks out there for free or for money. If you find some let me know...put links in the comments box. I aim to be the best. I'm not there yet but I'm going to be.

Here is a lady I liked a lot who was trying to show you didn't have to buy expensive blocks and kits and such; just use what you already have over on Vimeo. She re-made some of my videos except she used her (exceptionally cute) daughters which may be better for those of you with little girls so your daughters can'll notice I made a few comments on some of her vids.

More updates and math stuff as it happens on my facebook page.  I scour ebay for blocks and Mortensen Math you might want to follow me there for that if nothing else...often good deals to be had but they get snapped up quick...

UPDATE: The page has been built and here is the link:

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