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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Base Ten Blocks and Math Anxiety.

I have seen students whose confidence is so shaken by calculus or algebra that adding small numbers is no longer certain....the reptilian brain kicks in even basic operations become difficult...too much stress or anxiety and you can literally do about two things: fight or flee. This is why in martial arts you fight calmly and better yet with no conscious mind....otherwise the reptile kicks in and you can't remember what to do even if you have practiced for certain situations 1000 times.

I remember a student who was excellent in the his belts easily etc. Went to his first competition and got his ass kicked by another guy who was considered less skilled...because he panicked and by his own admission "forgot everything." I have also heard of stories where guys get in street fights and lose with guys who are untrained because of the same reason.

What does this have to do with math and base ten blocks? PLENTY.

It's the EXACT same thing when a student with test anxiety is tested on subject matter with which they would otherwise be completely conversant and familiar...but get an "F" because during the test they can't think.

I remember a student who I worked with coming back with an "F" on material we both knew he knew:

"What was I thinking!" he exclaimed looking at one answer that should have been obvious and to which he wrote a completely wrong answer.
"You weren't thinking."
"Gee, thanks..."
"I'm not criticizing couldn't think..."

And I then went on to explain what happened, and for that hour we did no math but talked about how to handle test anxiety and math anxiety and did some breathing exercises...explaining the flight or flight syndrome so they understand that what's happening is not only normal but HARD WIRED IN for SURVIVAL removes the "I'm stupid" thoughts, allows them to recognize it when it starts to occur and nip in the bud and deal with it instead of letting it run away with their their thought and emotions.

This student went on to pass his class with quite a few 100's something for which I'm famous, (check these vids out) and his parents gave me a hefty tip at the end of the year...he might have gotten an "A" if he hadn't started of with so many scores under that's another thing too many parents wait till the kid is failing before they "breakdown" and get help. 

This also why the emphasis is on having FUN and playing: so the reptilian brain never gets a chance to kick in and your child's attitude and associations with math are pleasant and positive. As they get older math anxiety is avoided altogether because they understand math and the relationships and how it all goes together...and the symbols are easily decoded and understood.

Base ten blocks make math easy. There are silly people who think base 10 blocks will lead to "block dependency" where the kids can't do math without the blocks. Ludicrous. My blog and website are proof positive that this couldn't be further from the truth. Do any of the kids on that testimonial page get to bring blocks with them to public school when they take the test? Of course not.

Are DBoyz doing algebra and multiplication in their heads without blocks?  Of course they are. Your kids can too...and I can teach you how to do it yourself: check out this parent/teacher training page.

"Soon" (a very relative term at the house of math) there will be an audio course and more on the training is a transcript of the beginning:

Well Hello! and welcome to Crewton Ramone’s 6 Disc -- probably 7 Disc, Audio Program--there is a bonus disc there with a guided Meditation--but what I want to do here over the course of this audio program is get you to understand that anybody can teach math the way I teach math, that YOU CAN use base 10 manipulatives to make math fun and easy, whoever your students are and whatever your mathematical background is; whether you had a good experience or a bad experience, whether you're male or female, you're a homeschoolers, you’re a teacher, a parent that has a kid in public school and you just want to able to help with math or give them “enrichment” this audio program is for you.

Now, specifically the target market that I’m looking for are the people with young children-- if this describes you then you are definitely in the right place. If you are a parent that has young children, definitely children under the age of 12, under the age of 8 better than that under the age 6 even better than that. Well let's say you have a student in--I don’t know if they are in grade school or middle school or high school...wherever they are this audio program is for you and if you have decided that you want to try and help your student or help your child understand mathematics then you are in the right place.

Now in order to do this I want you to be able to use these tools to their best effect, you just need to have some basic understanding, understand some principles and concepts, and you too can teach mathematics, you too can do what I do -- so many would say, "oh you are a genius" or "you are this or that", "oh--you are teacher: you’ve been doing it for 20 years" - "oh you’ve been..." {etc, etc}

Okay, when I was doing this and was two or three years in, people were like, "Wow! I can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for two or three years!", Okay? The idea is Jerry Mortensen had the same problem, everybody was like "Oh! Jerry is special he created the programs...of course", "Maria Montessori she is special because she created the -- Mario Montessori -- whoever it is, right?" -- they all have a crowd following that says, “you can do it but I can’t”...”you are special", "you are different” and what we are trying to do, and Jerry especially, but myself included, is trying to make you understand that you can do it also.

This blog and website is about removing excuses. There was a time when you spent 500 bucks and you got a kit and there were 4 hours of video. TOTAL. That's it. Watch these vids and now you are on your own. Not anymore.

If you wanted more training you could fly to Idaho once or twice a year...IF they were having a training: there hasn't been a training there for years now.

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