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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Base Ten Block Subscription.



Again by popular demand, now you can "subscribe"...just use the button below and you can break the cost of a password up into TEN payments. Get a lifetime (BOTH) for 10 payments of 26 bucks or an annual (one or the other) for 10 payments of 6 bucks...or both passwords for 10 payments of 8.50 for an annual pass...the subscription is a little bit more because paypal's fees on 10 payments are more than on one payment.

I have broken it up into 10 payments. So if you don't want to pay all at once in a lump sum you can pay for ten months and get a year of access, or pay $26.00 for ten months and get a lifetime of access...I don't think it could be easier. I know 250 bucks or even 50 bucks can be hard to come up with in these trying times but I think pretty much anybody can afford 6 bucks a month... if you would like to see MORE payments for the annual like 20 payments of 13.50 or something let me always the password is the same for everybody, although that's getting to be problematic, .and when it changes (about every 3 or 4 months) just email me for the new one.  Because of all the options I can't make pop up pages or I'd have to make separate buttons, so your password will come in the form of an email with a link to a webpage that has the password on will have it within 24 hours of your order...usually much less. And YES if you buy buy both for $8.50 you get BOTH upfront...I don't "drip" pages out to you. And you are in for 2 more months after your last payment...don't get overwhelmed with all the stuff. Just get started.

Options 10 Payments...
Alt Email.

Use alt email if the email you use for paypal "doesn't get checked" or is forgotten and/or you have an email to which you'd rather I send the links to your pasword(s).

No such thing as taking your love of math too far.
A "sitewide" pass gets you in to every page EXCEPT the teacher training...the teacher training password ONLY gets you into the teacher training page.  The training page currently has about 7 hours or video on it plus links to some hard to find pages.  More than 8 hours of vid is currently being edited to be added to the training page as I type this. [March 2015]  The sitewide pass gets you into lots of pages and anywhere it asks for a password (other than the teacher training page), the sitewide pass is it.  You will find hours and hours and hours available to you with the sidewide pass, I doubt very seriously that you will have gotten through everything by the time your ten months of payments is up.

Further, I add to these pages as time goes by, so during the next ten months there will be more videos and pdfs and web pages added...I think you find it's a STEAL for six bucks a month...or even 26 bucks a month...if you get an annual and then decide to get a lifetime (which many people have done once they see how cool it you will NOT be credited for the money you spent. In other words if you made some payments at 6 bucks that won't be subtracted from the cost of an annual.

People have in the past asked if they can get the lifetime for the difference of whatever they paid before. The answer is no.

Again, take advantage of the all  FREE stuff first. There is a lot of it. There is also now a lot of password protected stuff waiting for you if you want to do/learn more. Here is a page I built hastily describing what you get for the passwords it needs updating badly, now.  I have added lots since then and prices have gone up too... some people put a toe in with 6 or 8.50 a month...and they forget it's not 6 or 8 bucks for life it's 10 months for an annual. Then when they want to upgrade they get confused and think it's going to be $150.00 (the sale price that's ending SOON. for EACH password...$150 for the training page and $150 for the sitewide, but you get BOTH for that sale price (for most people your last chance will be June 25th)...the regular price is $250.00 and ask anyone it's worth the $250.00.

NEW UPDATE: Trig page has been built. See? Life time members from several years ago are STILL getting benefits because the sitewide password works on this page too.  Entry page has been built shows you the plethora of videos you get on the other side that are unlisted so you won't find them with searches.The trig page is worth the price of a lifetime pass ALL BY ITSELF.

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  1. There is truely no words to describe the way Jerry Mortensen has created this unique and simplified way of thinking of mathematics. I am still in shock, that mathematics is truely just counting. I am grateful that Crewton Ramone has continued with Mortensen math as without him, it would of disappeared. The effort that Crewton puts into his teacher trainings and his website and the overwhelming amount of items and videos you have to go through, for the amount you have to pay for a life time access is really wonderful. I think about this subject, which I hated and now dream about daily, and its truely all due to Crewton Ramone dot com.