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Monday, October 19, 2015

Live Training In San Diego.

Stay tuned for more details and come back and check on this post as I get more info for you. We have special opportunity to do get together for a live training because we have a host who is willing to cover many of the costs and logistics for a meeting room and travel for me.

Who?: Crewton Ramone.

What?: Intermediate Parent Teacher Training

Although Nubes and beginners are welcome, try and have gone through the material on the parent teacher training page and try and make a training between now and then if possible.


San Diego

Southwestern Yacht Club.

Meeting room holds 75, so accommodating you will be no problem.


So on Dec 4th, 5th and 6th I will giving a live Playshop/Training.

Travel day.


2pm to 6pm: Welcome and introduction.

7-10pm :Basic Operations with combo kit and time permitting basic ops kit.


9am to 6pm Hour lunch. Training +  Q & A


Travel day


8 to about noon. This session is sually left up to the attendees to decide what they want to cover in that time now that they have some experience under their belt.


This way you only have to spend two nights in a hotel. Which should run around 150 or less per night. If you guys coordinate you can cut that cost in half. The Best Western is basically walking distance to the Yacht Club..


$350 pre-pay "early bird special" This is per couple as in married couple if you have a well behaved child or children in your family they may also attend under this price. Two people who are not related from different states are not covered. This is for husband and wives significant other etc. Not two teachers trying to cut costs. Save that for you hotel.
$400 if payment for live training occurs after Nov 15th
$500 for late decision payment after Thanksgiving, however participant receives a lifetime password (Cost of which is scheduled to jump greatly.) If you already have a lifetime password you should have payed

CHECKS made payable to Ben H Rogers sent to my address (see my website just scroll down) are the preferred method of payment if I need to make paypal button let me know, but I prefer a check in this case.

From Alex our event coordinator:
"So, I have organized for CR free lodging and a free waterfront conference space so these normally incorporated costs are a non-issue for this event. I will be hosting a Saturday evening BBQ-mixer on the waterfront so we will have a better chance to get to know one another and chat with CR. Normally we have beautiful weather in December.

I hope this helps in your decision making process. Please contact me privately if I can help to facilitate your participation since I know the area. I can help to arrange lodging or offer suggestions.

Also she has offered to pick people up from the airport if need be and had opened her house to several people if they wanted a place to stay. Those I have been told are already taken but there are MANY inexpensive places to stay nearby. Contact Alex to coordinate and facilitate this.In order to contact her contact me because webcrawlers will pick up an email address off this blog and then she will get endless spam. So contact here, Or on FB.

This is a great opportunity to get live training and questions answered on inexpensively. The last training I did was $500.00 for the early birds and you had to get to CDA Idaho which required renting a car in addition to catching a plane to Spokane. Sand Diego international is right there. We'll pick you up.

Also the Saturday night BBQ/mixer is included in the price. Although I'm pretty sure it's BYOB.  lol

At the moment we have 4 people it is ON. I don't expect many people so it will be "cozy" and you should be able to get questions and answers...unlike some training where there are 200 people and it was very easy to get lost in the crowd. There may or not be another one of these in 2016 I was not expecting to do live events again until "I'll catch the next one" may be awhile before the next one.

Bring you kits and materials questions and a happy attitude and get ready to play.  I will also have a few combo kits I got off Ebay/Craigslist etc that are pretty much like brand new for sale at the event if you want one. $70.00...

The Best Western Plus Island Palms Hotel & Marina costs about 150 a night after fees and taxes etc and is walking distance. The idea being you don't need to rent a car unless you WANT to.


  1. So, I live in San Diego and am super sad I did not see this. Do you have any trainings coming up else where?

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