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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Sale

Here is the Price List.

Here is the PayPal link.

Include your phone number with your order!!!

Anybody that spends $80 or more,  add $13.50 and you get into the superduper supersecret math page on Facebook. If you buy a lifetime password the Facebook page is included, for a limited time only. Usually the Facebook page is $49 all by itself. The members there will tell you it's more than worth it.

Spend $400 or more, and you get a lifetime pass for just $299.00, that's $100 off the regular price!! And an additional $33.33 off the sale price!!!  I will also give you a one time training voucher, where you can come to a weekends training (four hours), for absolutely FREE! No sense buying this stuff unless you know how to use it.

Take advantage of the SUBSCRIPTION SALE which is also going on.

Here is the go to kit:

This is a great fit for classrooms and those with young children. Also excellent for those with children who have learning disabilities:

You could make this kick yourself but it's a pain. For 10,000 square all by itself can be used for teaching mathematics. But a basic operations get allows you to teach up to fourth power mathematics, and more precise percentages.

You don't need this kit but this is a nice kit to have in addition to a combo kit. Very useful for teaching addition and subtraction as well as positive and negative numbers.

This is another kick you could make on your own if you have patients creativity and time. You need to be exacting in your measurements though. It would be a good project for your homeschool. Fractions are exceptionally important.

As most of you know I don't recommend books and manuals especially if you have my passwords. But if you want to get books this would be the time. Books are usually $3.50 each, now on sale for $2.25. You save $1.25 a book... 50 times. $112.50 as opposed to $137.50 level the new price will be $175 a level!!!! So get your books now if you're going to order books.

Simply pick what you want and PayPal me.

Advanced training $40 an hour Sunday February 17th. Not for beginners. Not for newbies. Starts at 7:30 or a standard time you need Google hangouts. Details on Facebook.

The Facebook page is also on sale $27.50 for the superduper supersecret Math group.

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