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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Math Webinars

I just went through several math webinars from various companies on several different platforms. They all looked basically the same. Person talking over slides. Boo.

I promise not to do webinars like this. I'll have streaming video showing the blocks/manipulatives, not static slides with words and mathematical symbols on them...

The platform I have chosen is dimdim, no software to download just use your web browser...with this platform I can stream you video, share my desktop, use a whiteboard, share online video, share webpages etc...and I could do slides too but...

I can also use this to tutor...two way video, shared whiteboard: it really is getting to the point where it's almost like being there. Just a few years ago this wasn't possible.

I plan on doing webinars for FREE to start and then eventually charging 100 bucks for 20 - 30 hours of training.

The online tutoring will be 40.00 an hour...I think you will be quite amazed at how far the technology has really can "interact."

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Imagine being able to participate in videos like this, ask questions while you see what's happening and not be limited to 10 minutes:

Many people have a set of blocks or manipulatives and then go "now what?" Here is a chance to find out how to best use your blocks...and if you don't have a set you can use mine as it were. And ask questions. And get direction(s). And more.

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  1. And now I do them all the time using gmail vid chat....back in 2010 it ws an it's EZ...