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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Using Algebra To Teach Multiplication.

Here is a quick screencast about actually using algebra to teach multiplication (and basic operations like addition and subtraction) with base ten manipulatives and the Mortensen Math Method. Using a three period lesson and other basic concepts are covered at The House Of Math just click the basic concepts tab.

There are several things I didn't say in the screencast, that I will add here with regard to economy of counting and economy of symbol. With

x2 + x + 16

We talked about how much easier it was to use 4's than all the little units, and we later talked about how much easier it was to write 20 instead of draw 20 little dots and we also talked about how much faster it was to write

(x + 4)2 than (x + 4)(x + 4)...

 You can actually see he wrote it that way on his paper, but above he left off the exponent when he re-wrote

(x + 2)(x+2) = (x + 2) I saw that right after he finished the page and handed it to me to look over. We talked about how important the "2" is in

(x + 2)2

And what it meant again. 

For more on Problem Solving and Hero Zero go here, there's a Youtube video at leaste and little more explanation. The page still needs more work, but the video should help. I have been getting email where people ask me for more pages and screencasts and videos on certain topics but oddly enough nobody wants to donate so much as a cup of coffee...note the donate button conveniently located over there to your right....

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