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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Multiplication Past Ten.

Crewton Ramone using addends past ten for multiplication past ten.

At about 4 minutes I say you never have to carry, what I meant was you never have to carry in the ones place because it's always ZERO in the ones place, eventually there will be hundreds hiding with the tens.

Here is a page from my website on "beginner" multiplication. Note you can still do multiplication past ten with beginner students just start small. Use songs and blocks and software to get it out of the way by the time they are 7 or 8. Timez attack is new and improved since the last time I played with it; it's even COOLER than it was before. That will get you thru 12 x 12. At my house of math we go to 20 x muss no fuss, no tears no fear. Play.

Again, just apply the five basic concepts and take your time and any little kid can figure out problems like 3 x 13. Soon they can do it in their heads no blocks, no pencil and paper either. They can see 30 + 9. 6 x 14 is just 60 + 24...the better they get at multiplication the faster and easier it goes. While they are learning this they learn addition and all goes together and makes sense.

You can also flip the blocks over and show 3(x + 3) = 3x + 9. Math is a language teach it all at once. We see that REALLY, algebra is easier than base ten math....

Full motion video:


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