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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crewton Ramone Playing with Radicals.

First off apologies to public school teachers who can't watch YouTube a school the screencasting software is buggin' out and won't let me copy it to a screencast without it being herky jerky video or bad for now all I have is this youtube video.

It shows me doing a few problems with radicals. Adding and subtracting (combining) them and doing other operations is actually pretty easy when you keep the 5 basic concepts in mind and can see what you are doing.

You might want to look at the square numbers page at the house of math, too.

You might also note there is a new tab on the navigation bar there for percentages. It's password protected though. Progress is being made. Albeit slowly. All it has is two Youtube vids showing how to do percentages with base ten blocks on it at the moment but there's more to come.

Meantime the completing the square page which certainly is related is growing too.

Square numbers are fun and easy.

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