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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Math Might Be fun

Here is a short vid with a student who is figuring out that math might be fun after all. At Crewton Ramones House Of Math it's hard not to have fun with it...

This has been a great week with two of my former "F" students (both of whom who happen to be teenage girls) getting perfect scores on homework and tests and quizzes. One parent quipped "I guess you're worth the money..."


This little girl is well spoken, therefore I know I can teach her math because English is a messed up language and math is a beautiful one.

Here you can see they have a set of base ten blocks but they are not suitable for teaching all the math concepts the combo kit can.  Also note 1000 as a cube which makes third power mathematics difficult at best and fourth power mathematics impossible...
Here you see the algebra again being used to teach addends and multiplication. By know the method should be familiar to some.  Each lesson is tailored to the individual student but the method is the same.  The problems are presented the same way in the same order...

She has some friends to help her count the rectangles. x2 + 10x + 24 is "no problem..."
Here is the screencast covering the lesson:

The password protected pages keep growing with contect. The price is still a buck a month but now you have to buy 12 months worth to get it for a buck a month or you can buy one month (which ends up being 60 days or so...) for 3 bucks...just added a cute vid of an 11 year old and 6 year old playing algebra together. The footage is raw but it is charming...or so I have been told.

There is about 4 hours of password protected screencasts and many pages of pdf's for that price and like I said more being added all the time...if you buy a combo kit or tutoring the passwords are free.

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