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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Tau Day

This is fun especially since it's the 28th. Of course it's even more fun when you look at the symbols, π and τ, Tau looks like half a Pie to me and Pie looks like 2τ, stuck together but that besides the point.

When we talk about radians tau really does simplify things. And math is about simplicity and beauty although you would be hard pressed to get the average high school algebra student to agree.

The boys have π memorized out to 3.14 lol, but they beginning to understand what it means...c/d. I will slowly increase this week by week...until they get out well past 20...JFSAG. 3.14159625...1971.

And while I posting other people's Youtube vids might as well put this one up. Note how he tries to make it clear that mathematics is just the language we use to describe the philosophy, math in and of itself cannot BE the philosophy of economics. And way back when, when I used to study economic theory as an aside when I was teaching people to pass the standardized tests to get securities licenses I too though these freaking formulas don't mean anything!! Turns out I wasn't the only one.

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