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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Autistic Intergers Plus Algebra Too

This is a pretty good lesson for beginners on integers. I believe in introducing integers EARLY. The one thing missing in this lesson is the time consuming task of drawing the problems. This step should not be left out especially for the younger students.

Again you don't want to draw every single problem (or build every single problem with the blocks) but you don't want to skip drawing them either. This vid is a lesson AFTER lessons where we drew quite a few of them. I did not get vid of the preivious sessions where she drew them. On the internet that means it didn't I assure you it did. DRAWING IS A MUST. It's not optional. Why? Because it works. It bridges the gap between the symbols and the blocks. For some students this gap is wider than others, so more drawing may need to be done.

The drawing and symbols can go together and they can be very simple. In fact the better understood the concepts are, the less complex the drawings need to be, so some kids may start off with complex drawing of whatever it is, in this case integers and you will encourage them to move to simpler drawing and finally symbols only.

Drawings of integers usually involve holes in the ground, not a number line. Or up in Washinton and Idaho and a few other places a log standing on end can be put in holes and then figure out how much is sticking out...make up stories that the kids can relate to in their own situations. In the city that might be telephone poles or whatever. You can also combine drawings and blocks on a white board quite easily...draw a hole 3 deep, and then put a nine block in it. Show the various ways we can write this. -3+9, 9-3, 9+(-3), -3-(-9), etc...

Got to The House Of Math and find Sarah's page, the tab says Sarah SL for the complete vid P1 and P2 and also P3 which is another 6 minutes on algebra with negative factors. These vids might create greater understanding for students and teachers who are NOT autistic or working with SPED students too.

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