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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Addition, Multiplication, Fractions and Algebra, Oh My!

This is a short snippet from a video that's 26 minutes long which you can find on the sample lessons page.

This is short and simple, all the lessons in this class were too. Math is always easy when you can see it and the concepts are "visually obvious".

We started reducing fractions and SEEING the common factor, he was getting them all correct but then got snagged on this one. He only saw the symbols not the blocks as soon as they can see the blocks it's easy, and only requires the most basic counting skills. 14/35 without the blocks requires some multiplication and/or division skills in order to discover the common factor.

Then we moved on to other basic operations like addition and subtraction, and of course we played around a little in algebra, factoring polynomials. The whole video requires a password...although some people got a link to it free on Facebook.

As you watch the longer video you should be able to see the five concepts in action and why I stress multiplication facts mastery. You need to be able to count quickly, and being able to do so will allow you to see patterns and relationships easily. For example 14/35 is the same as 2/5. Further, it's easy to see (2/5)(7/7) = 14/35 and of course (14/35)/(7/7) = 2/5. Later when the numbers are more complex, the basic concepts will remain the same. Also 2/5 = x/35 will also be easy.

Anyhow, the 26 minute video is full of math; short lessons that should be easy for you to duplicate. They all blend together into what we call basic operations. For more go to the House Of Math. If you are new to all of this you can watch a short vid that shows what happens to little kids when they are taught this way, watch an overview of the Mortensen Math method and peruse a ton of videos on various topics.

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