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Friday, July 1, 2011

Reducing Fractions

This shot is from the end of the lesson where we squeeze in a couple of problems in Algebra, he factors a couple of polynomials.  It's fun and easy and a nice break from "all the fractions stuff."

This lesson brought home the point that multiplication makes ALL the other math easier because it allows you to count very quickly. You can do these problems without having multiplication facts down but it sure takes longer.  Little kids who only have the ability to count should still be exposed to these concepts but the problems should be smaller and easier to count. 

The concept of one, common factors, and equivalent fractions and multiplication and division are all bundled up into one here and should be deconstructed for the student so they can see each part and how it goes together.

 This video covers the hour lesson from start to finish. We start with all 45 addends, move to multiplication mostly just to see his progress, and we do a little subtraction, he asks for help with fractions and so we do some and then end with algebra again  the hour flies by.  This vid is packed with concept rich content.

You may notice that we discuss the basic concepts in passing as we go along. This is a longer video and I've found many people won't watch it as soon as they see the time. If you have children who are learning fractions concepts you may want to take the time at some point to show them this video as they will SEE the common factor and why it is that "as we do above so we do below."  Rather than just giving the rule of dividing both the numerator and denominator by the same number.  We we move on to more complex algebraic fractions the concept remains the same. 

My fractions page is still in disarray but you can find links and more vids there too, plus some PDF's, people seem to want fractions worksheets and I need to get more made, but there are a few there right now.

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