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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving Toward Mastery

If this is you first exposure to Crewton Ramone's House Of Math, I highly recommend you go to the homepage and watch some introductory videos too, before you watch these because these are a little advanced. People think it's magic or the kids are geniuses (which they are going to be) and that they could never do this with their own kids or learn to teach math this way or whatever poppycock springs to mind when see 6 year olds doing algebra in their heads.

Note for some of the problems we only SPOKE the symbols we didn't even write them down and he still solved the problems! This should put to rest the silly objection that they will have to take the blocks with them to school in order to do math. My boys sit patiently through the simplistic kindergarten math lessons they get at school and then pretty much ace whatever they are given as work or home work...or tests. They have some basic concepts mastered...and are working on mastering more concepts each day, which makes their math at school SUPER EASY.

One of the concepts that was mastered early on is the concept of addends for ten. They both have instant recall for most of their addends but especially for 9 and 10. No pause, seven needs what to be ten? Three! INSTANTLY. This is extremely important and is a building block on the way to mastering addition, subtraction and multiplication and therefore division.

Here we see the older boy who has not yet mastered multiplication working out another set of factors for 24...he knew 6x4 but didn't immediately know 8x3...but he will and this helped him to add that fact to his storehouse of math facts.

They have yet to master their multiplication tables but we are getting there easily and gradually. They both see that knowing how to multiply makes math easy and when it's easy, it's fun. In the vids you see here we stay positive. If you want to see them start learning to do problems like this with their friend hero zero you need a password. I have also created a page just for certain lessons with Dboyz and other students (like Emma and Sarah) that will be instructional to all.

For those that have been following their progress this vid may be a little hard to follow due to the lack of symbols but you understand what's happening, for brand new people often times the take away is that's amazing but what are they doing? What they are doing is seeing pictures in their head.

Here is a short intro, (skip this one and watch the next one if you have a little time the next one IS this one plus six more minutes):

Here is the above vid plus a few more problems, listen to the 5 year old say, "we're so good at math it's easy!" Compare to some students I have that are sure math is HARD.

In which we answer the question do they have to carry their blocks with them to schoool.

Now don't get the idea that I'm some kind of Math Wizard. Naturally, I am better at it than a novice (most of the time) but I have trained teachers all over the country to use this method, and I have trained trainers and have trained trainers to train trainers to train teachers...all of whom are still amazed at the results they get sometimes even after years of doing this. I have had teachers call me excitedly saying "it works!" Or "it never ceases to amaze me." Me either.

Of course it works. You have the right tools for the right job.

Now if you want to see all 26 minutes which is the above plus about another short 15 minute lesson on negative expressions where we use lots of the symbols you are used to go to the Dboyz page or find it on the sample lessons page. Password is changing and prices are going up. Dboyz page has the NEW password...those who want to renew (can you believe it's been a year) at the annual rate will get the old rate if you already have a password. You use the old password to get to the page to renew. Clever, huh? New Password has gone out. Look for it. If you don't get it contact me at gmail.

Price is now $24.00. That's two bucks a month. One month which always works out to more than one month (ask anybody) is now $5.00...3 months for $10.00. Lifetime memberships are now available to those who already got a password.

It's hours and hours of vids and pages and pages of PDF's, and more are added monthly all for $24.00 It will take you months to get through it all or weeks if you are diligent and spend hours each day. But for those who spend a few minutes a day and maybe an hour or two on weekends there is more there than you can shake your finger at. Don't get overwhelmed, just get the intro and then go to whatever topic you like. You may never see it all because I am always adding and might stay ahead of you at this point. That's okay you are always learning. Even old pro's enjoy watching the vids because they get something out of it each time.

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