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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fractions And Autism Do In Fact Mix.

Here is Sarah really getting the hang of adding that we have the idea of it, understand the concepts now it's time to move on to something completely different and wholly unrelated, right?

Only if we were in publik skool. NOW it's time to reinforce the concepts and increase the depth of understanding by doing more of the same, only different.

Here we are spending a little time on improper fractions so we know what to do when she "fills up the one." We make a game of it. They are not problems, the attitude is not a chore or drills but see if she can figure it out and how fast. So we do one refresher addition "problem" and then play this game where we rename the pieces and figure how many ones are hiding in there.

This is the beginning of the longer video below so skip this and just watch that one if you aren't pressed for time, or if you just want the idea of it watch this:

In the longer vid we add AND subtract fractions and do some work with improper fractions...she is about a third of the way through we multiply which is easy, and then divide...and ten go back and work on more addition and subtraction with bigger number where we need to borrow. For example 3 1/5 - 3/4...

People are now having the opposite problem used to be there isn't anything about Mortensen Math. Now it's there's so much I don't know where to begin or it's overwhelming. GOOD. Now your excuses have to change. Where to start? Where ever you like but get started. Watch a few vids a week, play, practice, repeat.

At that rate it will take you about half a year just to cover the vids that aren't password protected. Go faster if you like slower if you have little kids or SPED kids. Math is a limitless topic. My focus is K thru 12, primary and secondary mathematics depending on where you are from. If you work with Autistic kids or have one, Sarah's page is a good resource although there are huge gaps because we went through a period where I didn't film anything. The longer video here is also there. Soon I will have to break Sarah page up into various topics...

Here she is doing the whole hour lesson condensed into 17 minutes or so. In the beginning you will note that many symbols are missing when we multiply by one but she understands what they mean. The first review of this series Fractions Despite SPED is here.

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