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Sunday, November 30, 2014

SUPER Stealth Christmas Sale.

Prices for passwords are about to go up.   Have gone up.

The sun is setting on the old prices.

These will be the new prices soon. As you can see prices are going UP. Use the buttons below to lock in your discount.

 New Prices:

Password Options:

$20 A sitewide trail will last about 30 to 90 days and gives you access to everything but the training page. Anywhere it asks for a password other than the training page this password is it.

$27 or $49 A Sitewide password can be bought for 6 months or a year, it expires after one year unless you get a lifetime password which gives unlimited lifetime access to everything via two passwords. Up from $24.

$49 A Training password is only good on the training page, but that one page has hours of training on it...and more will be added. It is good for one year.  Up from $15.

$79 You get both passwords if you buy them together for one low price...sitewide and training...will also offer an installment plan for this so you can make payments. Up from $39

There will be a few more password pages added soon too, geometry and some calc. Plus there are additional vids and pages added to the ones already there.

$249 is the new price for a lifetime get both passwords and they never expire...will also offer an installment plan for this so you can make payments. Up from $100.

Those prices are a still a GREAT DEAL. People are constantly blown away by how much they get for so little money when they are used to paying a lot more for a lot less when it comes to math curriculum for homeschooling. I've been told the training page ALONE  is worth the price of a lifetime password all by itself. I've been told the same about the value of  just a few pages like percentages and sample lessons combined with Raymond's page, Dboyz' page and Sarah's page. There are a whole lot more passwords pages than that, some with books/pdfs too. I've also been told mine is about the best FREE site out there when it comes to explaining math and explaining how to teach math...don't forget you get tons of FREE stuff.

Take advantage of these prices for a few more days.
Not to mention there are several manuals and books there also--all for ridiculously low prices (and some are FREE like this.) 

These LOW PRICES will end SOON
so take advantage of them NOW:


Sale is over.

Too funny. I am getting emails asking if the Lifetime Pass really gives a lifetime of Access to 
LOL! The answer is YES. And yes, it is quite an outrageous deal. 
People are thinking it's 100 bucks for a lifetime pass to either the Sitewide Password Pages OR 100 bucks for life time access to the teacher training.  For 100 bucks you get BOTH, as in two passwords.
Sale is over.

People always ask me what should I get? GO HERE.

Prices even when I have sales will never be this low again.  Even when I have a 50% OFF sale, half off will still be more than these "stealth sale prices" which are the current prices you have been enjoying.  I'm not kidding: these prices end SOON. You will start seeing the buttons on my site and blog change...and shortly this page will be the only place to get the low prices.

*I can't put the plastic on sale because I don't own the plastic. I expect prices will go up again eventually on books and blocks especially as shipping prices continue to increase. A lot of you are waiting for a sale on will let you know if they have a sale and when i tell you it's a real sale for a limited time perhaps this time you will believe me.

**Have a few password protected pages to build vid is already shot and edited and mostly uploaded just have to build the pages one for subtraction to go with the new manual, one on geometry and another on pre calc, and also one on derivatives. Also Series C, Supremely Simple Subtraction will be IS out SOON, it is almost done, just have a few simple edits to do...a full color, easy to understand subtraction manual. 

More on what you get for a password.

Yet more explanation of passwords and training and stuff.

A few testimonials:

"By the way, YOU ARE AWESOME! I actually clapped for you when you explained some concept soooo simply and clearly.It is fantastic!" ~K Ontario, Canada.We are excited for math today!!!  ~amazed parents from all over the globe.First, I wanted to thank you for being out there and for introducing me to the Mortensen Method. I'm a new homeschooler who's been searching for Math under every nook and cranny of the globe. Worksheets I can make. Flashcards I can draw. Concepts and THAT'S something to pay for.

Also, as a believer in the separation of church and state from an educational standpoint, I felt really at home at your House. Thank you for that, too.
EDITFinally, thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning somewhere, somehow, in some side comment that I can no longer find in your fantastic maze of a world the work of Liping Ma. I immediately bought her Knowing & Teaching Elementary Mathematics and have been forever changed as a result. It made me rethink the way EVERY subject is taught, learned and subsequently taught again. I never would have even heard of her if it weren't for you. EDITI am extremely eager to start having my "oh, I'm just not good at math, never was" mind blown. ~PF USA

"I've paid a lot more for a lot less."
~amazed parents from all over the globe.

"Ps. Your parents teacher training is great!" ~EM, UK

"The training is crazy. No one is offering anything like it that I know of...and your price is crazy too." ~JC, CA.

"The amount of stuff you get for the money is crazy."~JJ, New Hampshire.

"Just got the Parent/ Teacher Password.CR wasn't lying when he said 1 page was worth the price. Get it for yourself to learn how to think math." ~KY, USA.

" I really like how you do math. My kids do too! We were having problems and you made math good and happier for us. I sincerely say Thank You from the bottom of my heart." ~CS, Ohio. 

"So, I am absolutely flabbergasted by the stuff I am learning just hanging out in the House of Math like four to five hours (literally) per day! Before the little one gets up, I'm on. Nap time, I'm on. After bedtime, I'm on with toothpicks bracing my eyelids. Even before purchasing the passwords! It's like a crash course re-education, and I am infinitely grateful..."


  1. Several more hours of vid has been added to Password Pages since I made this post and yet more will be added over more pdfs and worksheets are in the works and will be added soon too...some will be FREE some will be on the password pages...

    I was going to raise the prices in stages but it's too much you will just have to have faith that I will add more pages and vids...IMO it's already well worth the NEW prices as is, so the current (sale) prices are a STEAL, and if not a steal than a super good deal. Next year prices will go up again as I add more and more stuff to the password pages and create NEW password the website and blog will also grow and most of that is still going to be FREE.

  2. Since I wrote this page about more 3 hours of vid have been added to password pages...including the parent teacher training.

    That's another thing people are amazed at it's like you pay for a static thing...stuff will continue to be added over time...videos, pdfs, written instruction, etc...

    Anybody will tell you it's already worth the money AS IS. But You get more as the months go by...

  3. More has been added to several of the password protected pages and there are soon going to be entirely new password pages that you can get into with the site wide pass...

    Also look for a sale on passwords in March...a March Madness sale but it will be short not 30 days....and like all sales when it's over it's over...there won't be another one in next month...just like when Mortco has a sale like the winter sale they had a couple years back people figured they'd just catch the next they haven't really had a sale like that since. Moral of the story: these are REAL sales...not marketing techniques. Take advantage of them. I may have a fall sale and maybe a Christmas sale...maybe...but I can tell you they won't be better than the one that comes in March...