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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Parent Teacher Training, Passwords And Stuff

So I guess I need to make a blog post about the P/T training and passwords now...seems to be some confusion.  There are two passwords, one for the training and one for EVERYTHING else. The first 50 get it for 15 bucks, then the price is going higher. How much if you already have a password? 15 Bucks. Right now there are 5 hours there...eventually there will be TEN. The first 50 get it ALL for 15 bucks after that the price goes up...because when there are ten plus hours there, plus pdfs and links it will be worth more...but the early adopters (first 50 paid) always get rewarded. People with life time passwords get rewarded....people who have spent money in the past on DSK's and tutoring or a lifetime password get for 15 bucks you get everything there now and the stuff that will be added there in the future. After the first 50 the price goes up.  Some people will get this as a freebie, those people already know who they are. If you are not sure, you are probably NOT one of them but it never hurts to ask. If all you have ever done is buy a $5 password years ago, you are not one of them. On the other hand if you have spent hundreds of dollars already at the house of math  (not with MUS not with Mortensen Direct) you probably will get a pass.

The Slicker It Gets The More It Costs

I am constantly told by internet marketing specialists (who have made millions selling CRAP) that I'm not doing it the right way. That I should collect email addresses, and only put a few words on a page along with ONE (short) video and a call to action (give me your email address THEN I hit you up for money)...because that's all the public can handle. So my PT intro page should be 4 pages and have less words (funnel)...and EACH of the training vids would have their own page and be "dripped" out over days or weeks and require a monthly subscription etc...I choose to believe my clientele is smarter than that although my inbox often gives me doubts. One day I will have a subscription site and will follow the advice of these marketers...and prices will rise commensurately. Currently I'm still using the Mom and Pop (mostly Pop) Guess and Hope Method of internet marketing even though I know better.

Ironically I'll make more sales: when I was selling passwords for a buck $,
NOBODY would buy a password.

Meantime, I had an interesting conversation with a person who does in servicing for public schools talking about how INVALUABLE vids with actual LIVE students that are unscripted and OBVIOUSLY unrehearsed (although I am accused of it all the time lol) are because it allows parents and teachers to see the method in action, not just a lot of theory in a training course where you spend hours learning the system/method but never actually see it in action with actual students actually learning math, actually.

For the most part that's what the site is about, I'm not telling you what to do I'm showing what to giving you examples which is the way Jerry taught me to teach...Socratic Method combined with some maxims like show don't tell, if you do tell, tell what they have not what they don't have...allow for error and control it but DO allow the errors, and then allow students to correct their own errors...or direct them to a place where they can see their errors because often the lack of knowledge is so great that errors are made unknowingly and unwittingly and aren't even recognized...I took this to task once teaching some students how to calculate binary backwards and told them to go home and study expecting them to come back and tell me 2 is 10 not 01 but they never did...but swore up and down they had gone home and done their home work.

Gee, they failed to correct something like 16 in binary is 10000 NOT could I possibly be sure that they were lying and hadn't done the slightest bit of research or reading on binary numbers. My relationship with them soon came to an end. But I digress.

The point is if you look around on the net there are very few off the cuff vids of kids learning math using base ten blocks. Sure there are presentations and examples and rehearsed demonstrations but very few "on the fly" unedited vids of kids learning and doing math with math manipulatives before your very eyes...

The meandering Path...No Way Is The Way...

NOW there is all that, theory in practice (believe it or not--I still have a few PhD's who are sure 7 year olds can't solve 6x - 5 = 4x + 7) AND now on the training page it's just about all theory very little practice...together, I am told, a lot of things get cleared up although you will find every question answered leads to more will also find going thru it all takes time. There is no royal road as some one else so famously quipped, but now there is a road. You guys want a four lane super highway, I prefer the meandering path...

"Regular people would want the super highway, Dad." him who is already seven, after hearing my answer to his query about what "meandering" means.

What do you get for the regular password? CLICK HERE.  (I need to build a better page.)

What do you get with PT Training? CLICK HERE. There are now TWO passwords.

On the bright side BOTH will continue to give you more stuff. The training page will have more training added and I will be adding more Password Protected Pages (PPP) and adding more to the pages that are already there, like Raymond's page for example...and there will be more on radicals, completing the square, and trig...eventually.

Password Options:

The passwords CHANGE every few months. If you have an annual or lifetime password just email me for the new one, same with the people who got in on the first 50 for PT Training, just email for the new one when the password changes: you are basically in for life.  People who come after will pay more. They get the same stuff it just costs more...


  1. My thinking was FIRST show the method works and show kids actually having fun doing math THEN make training and "how to" vids...I just didn't think it would take this long...

  2. Also now I have to go back and edit my website because one password does not do it all....I see some pages mention passwords for a buck or three bucks...or say one password gets you in everywhere have to amend that to say everywhere BUT PT training...