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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Algebra With A 6 Year Old Girl.

Playing what's under the cup is a hugely powerful game. In the beginning it teaches simple addition...but as we progress it teaches much more. It is an extremely powerful game although it it deceptively simple. Great for pattern identification and basic algebra concepts that will be important throughout their math careers. The basic concepts are not beyond the grasp of any child so long as you introduce them at the child's level.

Here is a short vid showing the introduction of Hero Zero.

We could have gone either NFGBT1 or to Hero Zero. I usually go to Hero Zero first.

Here is a longer video which is just one of many you will find behind the SAMPLE LESSONS password protected page. You get to watch it here for FREE. If you want to watch a lot more videos like this just get a password. The Trig page alone make the password worth it, and six bucks a month is a no brainer. Be reminded you are watching most of a lesson for which the people in paid $50.00.

This video shows sample lesson with a 6 year old girl doing problem solving it is also on the sample lessons page; problem solving like x + 5 = 13 is EASY.

But also x - 7 = 6 which takes a little more thinking.

And story problems like 20% of my little ponies are blue, I have 70 my little ponies how many are blue?

Introduces 21 is x% of 70 and more...for more on Percentages click on the percentages tab (%) at the house of math or click the link (t)here.

In the picture she shows us a problem she made and we got it right that a 5 was in the son earned 1 buck. I made 49.00. If you would like me to pimp my son out to you so your kid can play math and stay engaged email me...she usually will play for 20 minutes before she starts asking if we can quit. With my son I had to cut the lesson off after an hour...46 minutes of it is on video there are long pauses as they figure out the answers...perfect for your kids to play along in real time...

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