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Saturday, May 30, 2015

X-Mas In June Sale

Crewton Ramone's House of Math will be having a Christmas in June one day sales extravaganza on June 25th.

This will be your last chance to get a life time password for the ridiculously low price of $150.00.

Only Lifetime passwords will be on sale...annual and subscriptions will NOT be on sale. However I have gotten Mortco to participate and they have put some items on sale at VERY GOOD PRICES. It has been over a year since anything was on sale at Mortco and it would behoove you to take advantage of these prices because it may be quite a while before you see sale prices again. For months (and months and months and months) after the last sale i got emails and PMs from people asking when the next sale was going to apparently they were under the impression that we have sales all the time and all they had to do was wait around a little bit for the next one...turns out NOT.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

And I told you at that time that $65.00 for a combo kit was a steal and you'd wait till the cows come home before you saw that price again...and the cows weren't coming home. can get that price (better actually) but only if you buy a case and only if you have a password. In fact the only way to get these sale prices is if you have a password. A password can be had for as little as 6 bucks a month for 10 months which will get you a years worth of access to my site. Just use the buttons you see on the right. (Scroll down a little.)

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

WHY am I only offering this to people who already have passwords? Well, if you have a password you are more prone to be a person that actually knows how to us the blocks. Too many people butcher the method and the program because they have blocks and don't know how to use them...then other people get the mistaken impression that this method doesn't work or that it's just like other copy cat methods or they are confused about base ten blocks and their use in general and decide to subject their children to other methods that don't work as well or end up with very similar results to not using base ten blocks at all...

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

If you going to get blocks you should have passwords so you know how to use the blocks. I have heard many good things about my teacher training page clearing up many misconceptions and answering a lot of questions parents and teachers have about the method. There is now 10 hours of video training there, plus links to this blog and my website and support material in the form of PDFs and "soon" because of popular demand there will be PDF transcripts of the videos there too.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

My website contains a plethora of FREE information. My password protected pages have even more info and more "advanced" techniques for playing with how to factor polynomials that contain negatives, using them for percentages and more. You also get all my books and PDFs available to you for download included in the price. Not only that, you get access to all the updates and additions I make to the password protected pages in the future...and as the years have gone by I have gone from one password page to 14...I will be adding one more page on Calc eventually. I added a page on trig which IMO is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Don't send me an email after two weeks that says, "I know it says 6 to 8 weeks for delivery but..."

TO view all of these "kits" plus more detailed descriptions go here.

For tips on Getting Started and an overview of materials in the Deluxe CSK (which has video and a brief description of everything that's on sale go here. 

Introductory Videos and history here.

Here are the GREAT LOW prices on kits and stuff from Mortco:


Tell your friends. Mark your calendars. Alert the Canary. Bring the Cat in. Put the dog out. Put an alarm in your phone or tablet...books and kits will indeed be on sale.

Again: THESE ARE REAL SALE PRICES. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Alaska, Hawaii and everywhere else will get an invoice. Checks are welcome. "Rainchecks" will be given if you contact me ON OR BEFORE the sale.  In fact I have taken a couple of PRE-SALE orders for people who can't make the sale me.


Books will not be uniform. They will be mixed style/format. I was not aware they were that mixed up 'till some one sent me an email...apparently transition is taking place. I have nothing to do with this.

ANSWER KEYS SET OF 3 Reg $150.00 SALE $65.00!!
I don't see why you even need answer keys but some people insist.

SF, LVL 1 & 2 SETS Reg $100.00 - $157.50 SALE $75.00!!

LVL 3 Set Reg $157.50 SALE $50.00!!!!

That means you can get Smiley Face thru level 3 for $275.00 (which is still nuts) a lifetime pass makes more sense but there you go: a REAL over 300 bucks!!'re welcome. They figured how much damage could I do with a one day sale where you need to buy a password to get in....we'll see. Normally just lvl 2 and 3 ALONE are $315.00...

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
math not meth


COMBO KIT SINGLE Reg $88.75 SALE $70.00

COMBO KIT CASE (4) Reg $315.00 SALE $250.00!!!!
That's a hell of a deal...conspire among yourselves and order a case...although it's only worth it if you live driving distance from each other...tack on shipping and may as well just buy one at 70.00.

DELUXE CURRICULUM STARTER KIT Reg $525.00 SALE $475.00!!! That's a real 50 dollah bill y'all...and it's BY FAR the best deal on materials. 


FRACTIONS KIT CASE (6) Reg $630.00 SALE $510.00 ($85.00ea) That's another hell of a deal...conspire among yourselves and order a case. You can order additional kits for $85.00 up to 10 at that price.

MULTIPLE TENS KIT Reg $40.00 SALE $25.00

math is hardCOMBO KIT COMBO Reg 128.75 SALE $95.00!!!!

Very Basic Operations KIT CONTENTS:
1. 10 thousand bars (green)
2. 10 long hundred strips (red)
3. In a little baggie
10 square hundreds (red)
20 ten bars (blue)
25 unit bars (green) need to be broke apart

Ten Thousand Square: Reg $40 SALE PRICE 06-25-15: SALE PRICE $30

Very Basic Basic Op Pieces: Reg $65 1 day Christmas in June Sale 06-25-15: SALE PRICE $45

Means you can get Basic Ops Kit for 75 bucks...instead of 105 bucks...

Your welcome.

So...lifetime pass and a combo kit combo $245.00!!!Anybody that tells you that this method is too expensive is basically stupid and can't do math. Further unlike other methods this one is FUN and it actually works for making math understandable.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


Number ID Kit.
1. Pre-School: Numeral ID Kit, Animals N Stuff Pattern Bk, Plus Two Triangle Kits. Reg $50.00 SALE $30.00

2. K-1: Smiley Face Counting Bks1-10, Algebra L1 Bk 1, Arithmetic L1 Bk 1, Prob Solv L1 Bks 1-3, Plus Two Triangle Kits. Reg $42.50 SALE $25.00
Bks will not be uniform. They will be mixed style/format.

3. Gr 1-2: Addition Subtraction Kit, Smiley Face Addition 1-10, Subtraction 1-10, 2 Triangle Kits. Reg $85.00 SALE $ 65.00

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Again remember: ALL MY books are free with a password..Right now "ALL" means two but by then Delightfully Non-Deleterious Division should be done...or close to it and Games and Activities which is turning into the bear I knew it would be will closer to completion too...there will be 10 Series C manuals before I'm done. Plus I have other books in mind...


A worthy cause.
Lifetime Passes, (both passwords "sitewide" and parent-teacher training) Reg $250.00 (which already a hell of deal) SALE $150.00!!! The entry page to the sales page will offer you the passwords, once you get the password you need (which you will get via email in case the pop up doesn't pop up and from what I hear it often doesn't, you will be able to get to the sales page.) You don't need to buy a password so you can get a password, you do need to get a password so you can get sale prices on blocks though. Don't worry it's not complicated I will build yet another page that you will go to and ordering will be fast and easy with paypal/credit/debit cards OR you can send in a check.

People who want to pay by check can get going early since it will take a few days to get here and a few more to your check to clear if you know what you want and already have a password OR want to get the password and something else and not use paypal or wait till June 25th YES of course you may send a a check now...make checks paybale to Ben H. Rogers not Crewton Ramone,...Crewton Ramone doesn't have a checking account...although one day "soon" CREWTON RAMONE will.

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