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Saturday, July 22, 2017

More Math Camp!

Crewton Ramone Looking all Mathy.

Math Camp
was a resounding success.  As you can see, all ten slots are full.  I got quite a bit of mail asking for another one.  So Monday, as in a few hours from now, Math Camp II.

Check out this video for full explanation and of camp your rebate etc...

When: two consecutive weeks starting Monday, July, 24tth, 11:30am, and 1:00pm PST, 12:30pm and 2:00pm Mountain, 1:30 Central 1:30pm and 3:00pm, 2:30pm and 4:00pm Eastern...

You need google hangouts installed.  You must have base ten blocks.  Go here for more. When you pay go to facebook and ask to join this group.  If you don't do facebook be sure to include your preferred email address which better be at google.

Alums 50 bucks or free with rebate:

Math Camp II: $250.00
Second Half Only: $125.00 (Starts July 31st)

Order below:

Not going to camp don't know anybody that's been to camp. $340.00 However,  you can buy math camp in the can for just $13.50. Right now that will allow you access to this Facebook page, and shortly all ten lessons that I did at Mathcamp prerecorded not "live." For a grand total of 353.50 but since you are buying during the sale I will give you the opportunity to get the $50.00 rebate too. ONE DAY ONLY.

$50.00 REBATE.

Simply put three posts at the house of mouth here on the base ten block users page. And then seven anywhere else you like.  FaceBook,:your page or my page, your blog, put a comment on my blog... Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, whatever social media you use. To be really cool load some video up to YouTube...


Life Time pass  LT PASS.
Add Math Camp In The Can either on FB or the soon to be built webpage at the house of math.  For just $13.50. Instant gratification here. Tons of unique content. Is already here and soon all 10 lessons  from math camp will be too.

If you ALREADY have a lifetime pass and want to get into the FB page it's just $13.50, and soon you will get into a webpage at the house of math too. Pick MC-ITC Only.

If you want access to all the fun stuff currently in the facebook group ONLY you will NOT get access to the webpage at the house of math, just the Face Book Page. MC-ITC Only FB $39.99. As you can see from the vid there's a lot of cool stuff here and there is a whole lot more you get the SUPPORT of other users and moms (and students).

MC-ITC Only Web:  you'll he FB page now and the webpage at the house of math too. Page will be open soon. You'll need a special password that only works on that page. soon there will be six passwords...which is why it's a passport.

Alt Email.

Does anybody need a payment plan? Email me. I upgraded to the biz plan so now I can take any credit card over the phone with my virtual terminal...

Kids happy.

Moms happy too (this one all the way down in New Zealand.):

Also had Anna representing from Vancouver Canada. And all time zones in he USA People From California, Utah, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia...

What does math camp look like?

Or this:

Or this:

This has got to be one of my all time favorite shots...literally learning a their mother's knee...but modern version...

Here's a FB video near the end of math camp.


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A: Ask Bill Nye The Science Guy.