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Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Counting Book

The Completely Cool Curious Counters Compendium came out a couple of years ago and in tha time I have had nothing but great response from parents and teachers. Mostly parents. Here is a nice colorful testimonial little kids love counting so of course they like my book.

This book gives children a real head start on counting and math concepts!

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You can see other testimonials and and comments on this page, if you have one I would encourage you to leave a comment so others can see how fun and cool it is, there's no brochure that makes the hotel look bad I need to hear from you at me.

This one simple base ten block resource can make such a huge difference in a child's life.  Click that link for more facebook comments (scroll down). I think you can see people are quite pleased with it,  it comes as part of your password along with a lot of other pdfs and content. Math Camp In The Can will soon be well an enhanced PDFs page. 

The enhanced page will give you the worksheets on his page and manuals as well as my books and base ten block PDFs built specifically for these you can see he PDF is printable and can be used as a guide for active building of their addends with blocks or you can just have them passively look at the pictures and listen to the stories.

Best of all it's FUN. They actually enjoy it. 

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