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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Math Rich Environment

Playing math teaches math...

Practicing addends builds fine motor skills, besides teaching the combinations for ten, he knocked it over several times and I helped him once or twice so he wouldn't get frustrated. The more time he builds it the more impressions are made on both his subconscious and conscious mind. This how too many people who have these powerful tools use them. To teach counting, addition, maybe some multiplication, and place value.
Finishing a task is satisfying. At my house of math, and here on this blog I show you how to use these base ten blocks to teach math concepts like "higher" algebra and Pythagorean Theorem. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to play and have fun doing these simple tasks what I am saying is do this AND MORE. Playing and having fun also leads to a positive association with the manipulatives and math in general.
After each task he would smile and say "COMPLETE." MU the cow helps teach math when she is on my hand, it's just fun when the boys play with her.  They Call her Mooey. They get the joke about MU since they both know the Greek Alphabet...Lambda the sheep has been lost for quite a while now...there's a joke in there too someplace...

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Here is the same set of pictures with the boys helping. It was made about a week later, so it's a great way to to refresh their memories and make more impressions for the info's journey to the long term memory where it can be made available for instant recall.

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