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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More 6th Grade Math Enrichment

Bringing the method into focus. Making it all fit together. This post attempts do do more of that for you.
More math enrichment with a 6th grader. He has come 12 times now, I should point out 4 of those sessions were devoted mostly to some homework he had that his parents couldn't help him with and not on using this method per se...the point being it didn't take all 12 lessons to get him off his fingers and get his multiplication down. Also he spent some time playing games like Timez Attack and practicing multiplication on his own because 12 lessons wouldn't be enough to get all 144 facts (12x12) and soon all 400 facts (20x20) into his instant recall memory. Note we didn't spend much time using formal multiplication tables or math flash cards or even math worksheets.
Again this screencast covers degree of difficulty and how to use the algebra to cement the addends and multiplication facts into their experience.

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