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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Upcoming Password Sale and Training..

I put this on my FB page.

The only sale will be on annual and lifetime only, one time payment, no terms. Coming up with 50 bucks or a hundred and fifty bucks might ding your budget so I have now got a handy dandy subscription option where you can pay in installments, but as I said you won't get terms on the sale prices.

I'm going to have a password flash sale in March in honor of my elder's 10th and also the beginning of my second half century counting down the last few trips around the sun in this body...I pretty sure I've already had more than I'm going to get and that in itself is reason to celebrate...

If lifetime passwords are on sale for $150 and are normally $250 what % off is that? Those that answer with parts per million will be hunted down and summarily shot.

150 is to 250 as 3 is to 5 as x is to 8...therefore using this same ratio what should the sale price of the annual plus teacher training password sale price be? X will be the answer but you will have to us a multiplier to get the right answer what is the value of the multiplier? (I'm using round numbers to keep it simple.)

If a broke homeschooler asks me if they can apply the money they already spent on passwords to the sale prices what will my answer be?

Extra credit: Should the flash sale be 5 days, beginning on March 1st, 7 days Beginning on March 2nd or 10 days beginning on March 5th?


I can not put blocks on sale.  Passwords do not require a phone number for delivery. Blocks do.

Meantime you can get this homeschool math subtraction manual for FREE, all you have to do is send me your email address; if I was smart I would have said email address and a promise that you'd  go back and leave a comment....

I will be having a video training session FRIDAY, 27th Feb, 8am HST.  2 1/2 hours on Fractions.  I just did a 2 and a half hour session with some Montessori teachers from SC and like a silly pants I forgot to record was a pretty good training too...I think: never got much feedback from them.

Any how we'll go for an hour or so take a 15 minute break and then finish up the hour...I will start with this fractions kit. Fraction tiles. And if we have time spend a few moments showing how to use the multi tens to teach fractions...but remember all you really need is a combo kit...

Another training using the multi-tens and combo kit exclusively to teach fractions will happen some other day** if you have a fractions kit and want some training on how to use it email me to reserve a spot and let me know you can make it, cost will be 20 bucks.  You need gmail video chat installed and you need to add me to a circle and I'll add you back...this would be a good time for me to actually email people who bought fractions kits and let them know about could happen but I think my Girl Tuesday is going to go to the doctors instead of working her one day a week with me so...

**If not enough people with fractions kits respond I'll do the fractions training using a combo kit and multi tens because I know quite a few people have those.  Then, I'll put it on the training page and perhaps on a PP fractions page as well.  Also if you can't come for 2 and a half hours just come for an won't get lost.  Which reminds me in March I was considering having a Saturday 6 hour training...50 bucks and you can come for an hour or two or all six or what have you come and go as you 3 and 3 with a half hour break but I will need a quorum of ten.

Apparently, I should do an hour long subtraction seminar but it seems a little redundant now that the SSS  manual is done.  The whole point of the website and vids is to make myself obsolete...eventually you just pick any topic and there will be vids and pages there waiting for you...

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  1. Cool! I hope to make the training on Friday. Will you cover the four basic operations with the fraction tiles?

    1. Time permitting...usually I get to all four...

    2. Great! I just sent you an email.