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Monday, March 2, 2015

Flash Sale.

If someone wanted to get me this for MY birthday that would be nice.

Sale Ends 12 March 2015..

Next sale won't be for quite sometime. I have no idea when mortco will have another sale. I wanted to have the trig page finished in time for the start of this sale but didn't quite make it...might be done by Tuesday tho...also passwords are going to change at the end of the always just email me for the new one(s)...

When you order I will send a link or links to the paypal address you the link(s) for the password. Next sale prices will be higher than these because there will be more stuff then than there is now. Early adopters are rewarded.

There is about two more hours of training being edited now that will be added to the PT training was the fractions training I did on Friday. I will do another training this Friday for those who could not attend the last one...more fractions but using different manipulatives.

Also I will indeed be in Santa Clara in April...may try to set up a live training there...or somewhere nearby...or maybe in Las Vegas, just because it's cheap to fly there and meeting rooms are also cheap. I have lived by the standard when in doubt do both but I can only be gone for so long and from the 16-20th I will be BUSY. And after that I know I will be dying to get home to implement what I came for..but if it's not too much hassle a couple of (separate) days of training could also be thrown into the mix...stay tuned.

Meantime enjoy these prices. And tell you friends. Whining will not help if they miss it. If you need a rain check email me and PERHAPS we can work something out. Last time I had a password sale several people were stressed out over the holidays and tapped out from gift giving and needed a couple of weeks for their next paycheck...I get it. Just ask if you need to...otherwise enjoy the sale.


  1. Thank you, and happy birthday!

    Will your next online training also be recorded? If I try to join live again, I'll make sure my computer is working in order to not waste your time; however, since I have a small children around, it'll be better if I can watch a recorded session anyway with the password. So I might just hold off before trying to join a live session again, unless I can get a babysitter.

    1. It's best to tune in and mute your computer, then review with the video and notes later. If you can't take notes but can keep the computer around to listen, still worth it. You miss out on great info that has nothing to do with math if you're not there. My four were rattling walls last go-round! No one fussed at me for getting up repeatedly ; ) Plus, he could use another person reminding him to turn the camera on! Lol.