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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7 And 8 Year Old Algebra And Math Facts

 Another 90 minute lesson with a 7 and 8 year olds...and as it turns out the last lesson for the little girl as she is moving away to California.

Here we see her working on factoring various problems, basically making rectangles and counting the sides. While she is learning algebra she is also learning lots of other math facts, addends and multiplication too. As an added bonus she is being exposed to algebra.

 They worked on square ones and ones that were just plain ol' rectangles.

Here is a shot of the little boys notebook. He was much prouder of the fact that he made his fives correctly than he was of factoring the polynomials... You can also see the transition from drawing to symbols.
 Completing this square was a lot of counting because they didn't now what 8x8 was.
 They got out the blocks and took a while to figure it out. The boy got to 32 and then doubled it...then we went back and counted by eights, 8 takes the 2 out of the next 8 for 16, 6 takes the 4 out of the next 8 for 24, 4 takes the 6 out of the next 8 for 32, 2 is happy to get an 8 for 40, then it's 48 and the pattern repeats, 8 takes the 2 out of the next 8 for 56, and 6 takes the 4 out of the next 8 for 64. Whew! That's some counting right there kids, I'll tell ya!.
Here is the screencast called "Crewton Ramone 7 & 8 Year Old Algebra And Math Facts." Made screen casts for teachers who have youtube blocked. :

 Crewton Ramone's  House Of Math.

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