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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Base Ten Block Division Worksheets

base ten block division worksheet
Start small and pretty soon this is EASY!

Here is a short screencast on how to use the division worksheets...

This is just one activity among many. No need to spend day after day on division. That link takes you to the division page at the house of math.

Here is a page with yet more videos and explanation regarding division with base ten blocks. I highly recommend you spend some time there if you are going to teach/play/fool around with division. Manipulatives make division EZ and you will find you get fewer complaints and more understanding if you use them.

This is just more fooling with rectangles and counting the sides, in this case we know the whole rectangle and one side and just have to count the other side. We also have to remember to stop and record when we get to TEN.

Here is the Password Protected PDF's Page. You need a password. They cost a buck till the end of the month.

Update: Passwords at the cheapest cost ten bucks now (2014) and an annual password is 24 bucks which works out to 2 bucks a month. Take your time and digest all the stuff you get for free first, or at leaste a lot of it and then get a password. There's FREE worksheets and more at the house of math. The one in the vid on this page isn't though. Just another reason to get a password...when you're ready. No more excuses about having blocks and not knowing what to do or how to use them.

Play blocks first and very quickly THEY will see (and if you are a clever teacher THEY will discover, YOU WON'T TELL THEM) the algorithm "multiply and subtract" when they see the symbols presented correctly. In kid culture it's very common to hear hear "I hate long division." There's no need for them to hate something so easy and obvious. 

Divinely Dandy Non Difficult Division

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