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Friday, February 18, 2011

Problem Solving with Sarah

Here is a quick screencast, less than five minutes showing two problems.

6x + 2 = 14

There are 6 Girl scouts with some cookies. I have two cookies. Together we have 14 cookies do we all have the same amount? (...or how many does each girl scout get?)

9x + 3 = 21

Nine kids have 21 apples divided among themselves, they have three left many apples does each kid get...?

There's a lot more I would have said on the first one by way of explanation...but it was on the fly unrehearsed one take...the problem solving page goes into more detail because I'm sure after watching these which are NOT beginner problems you will have questions.

For a more complete explanation on problem solving go to Crewton Ramones House of Math.

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