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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More On Division.

How is it possible we can divorce multiplication from division or addition from subtraction...? Or visa-versa?

Here is a little more on division concepts, look forward to more screencasts on this in the future we will just get bigger...and bigger...

 Here we start nice and small and add a little twist by talking about parameter and sides.  This could be a nice beginner lesson for little kids and also a good lesson for older students.
Here we can see that division and multiplication go together and that they are indeed inverse functions, play with it a little and area parameter (and volume) can be easily understood because they can be easily seen.

Long division is despised among 5th and 6th should be easy as pie...but not the way we currently teach it. Which by the way is part of a methodology that is an UTTER FAILURE. Yet year after year very little changes. If you start small understanding simple problems like how many times is 2 contained in 8, bigger problems like how many 12's in 132 is also easy and then ones that have remainders like how many 6's in 341 or how many 23's in 687 are no problem.  You also realize that you don't want to model every problem with blocks! Once you understand the concepts and have gone from blocks to pictures to symbols ANY problem is easy (or easier) with pencil and paper and "multiply and subtract" makes might also find students able to do the easy ones that have no remainders in their HEADS.

They are going to have to get very conversant with multiplication though...

In the conceptual method using base ten blocks little kids are exposed to division concepts at the same time they are learning to add and subtract because math is just counting and multiplication and division are just adding and subtracting very quickly...all of it is just counting. 35 divided by 7 is just counting sevens and even easier than that if we use blocks to make a rectangle it's just counting one side when we know the whole rectangle and the other side.

Then there are improper fractions...which is just division, and fractions concepts inherently involve division (and multiplication) concepts. Then of course there are ratios which are also steeped in division concepts...

Go to my division page which is under construction (along with the rest of the site) for more.  You'll find this vid as well as a couple of others there.

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