Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
You are invited to learn how to use this method...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crewton Ramone Expounds on The Math Methodology

Short screencast on using the methodology to teach a student math. The method is basically the same, get the basics down so then you can focus on problems, which are often one in the same...they can't do the basics so fractions and algebra are "hard" because they don't understand that math is just counting and fractions and algebra are just counting...and if you can multiply you can count fast and suddenly the math is EASY.

Use algebra to teach the basics like addends and multiplication, use fractions to teach multiplication...compound teaching makes things go faster. The student gets practice of basics like addends and multiplication WHILE they learn other math concepts like fractions and algebra...this is a simple screencast stay tuned for video of some sessions with him where he gets busted texting in my class...the full vid is here.

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