Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Factoring Polynomials For Fun At Four

Here is the last 90 seconds of an hour lesson...

To see the whole lesson click here.

We just keep getting bigger and learning more math facts...building the rectangles is easy by now counting them poses the challenge...

Other systems wait far to long to introduce algebra, here I use it to teach other math facts. People are starting to notice these boys can count...your kids can be math geniuses too, and YOU can be the one who makes them that way...just get started. Watch vids for free on Youtube, go to CRHOM there's lots of stuff there...when you've burned trough all the free stuff in a few months get a password and check out hours of lessons which are free but for three bucks they are practically free. One page alone has several hours of vid on it.

The idea is to quit procrastinating, months gone by are months lost that could have been used to make multiple impressions on your kids/students. They need LOTS of repetitions to internalize math concepts and math facts...then they have instant recall of simple things like 4x7 or 7+8 but more importantly understanding of math concepts and how to apply the computation to problem solving.

Here we are doing addends for nine AND 10, 7 and 2 is 9, 2x and 7x are 9x, and 1*9 is 9...and the x plus the 9x is can find the video on the sample lessons page...the mind wants to work fast, and factoring x2 + 10x + 9 can teach a bunch of stuff at once...not just algebra and not just addends. Lastly they can see that (x+1)(x+9) = x2 + 10x + 9

Many parents and kindergarten teachers are afraid of math like this. So of course the kids never see it until it's way, WAY too late. Parents got an "F" in algebra, teachers memorized enough to pass the test but hated it and now the 5 year old is going to have a fair shot and learning to enjoy math or not...somewhere along the line we have to break the cycle. All I can do is fill the pond with water. Horsey thirsty: horsey come drink. Better yet dive in and go swimming, the water's fine...

I hear it from parents all the time: "...what if I do it wrong?" Just play...there is no wrong play unless you are actually hurting somebody with a stick or something...other than that: play math! You can't get it wrong...even if you get it wrong, that will be a stepping stone to getting it right. Watch the vids, the blocks make it visually obvious for the novice and professor alike. Many "math people" are amazed because they can finally see what it is they know how to do...others are like, "...doesn't everybody see it this way?" And are amazed the answer is "NO!" (Actually that should come with an expletive not just an exclamation.) You might want to share these posts with people you know who have kids or teachers...they'll thank you for it.

Math enrichment for the masses is what this is all about. Here is a guy having fun with his daughter: math fun.

Once they are comfortable factoring and playing with with these, it's time to move on to negative expressions. See next post.

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