Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

When a great man walks among fools, the fools know him not.

This is what my guru looks like.
This has got to be one of my favorite humans currently on the planet.  And I've never met him in person.  I aim to remedy that in April.

Turns out lemons are sour.

Money is not a measure of greatness, heart is...although this guy has made more money in a year than many people reading this will make in their lifetime.  This is a good ol' Montana boy who has done good. If you have a message you want to get out to the world, (mine just so happens to be math), this would be a good guy to pay attention to,  he also has several books and eCourses that you might enjoy whether you think you have a message or not. Currently I'm plowing thru the Motivation Manefesto.

This video is particularly relevant to the last several trainings I've had and quite a few emails where sadly parents admit they pretty much have forgotten to how to have fun, certainly can't believe that MATH can be fun, and that learning SHOULD be fun, and that life in general should also be fun. Although they see that drilling and grilling their little kids on math facts might be counter productive they don't know what else to do because that's they way they were taught and that's the only experience they had with math...mostly negative...and certainly that's the prevailing wisdom in public schools. In fact MORE TESTING seems to be their only solution.

"Don't I need worksheets?" "Shouldn't I get some workbooks?" "What do mean just play with the blocks?"

I mean just play with the blocks. Just play math. Explore. Discover. Together.

For those that attended the last training for 20 bucks (which worked out to 5 bucks an hour) and had fun, do as I say, not as I do...

Friday Trainings
have become "a thing"...and this next Friday I'm going to up the price a little bit to $25.00 but defer payment...instead of paying me directly I invite you to join my Kiva team. AFTER you loan the money out and you get paid back you can pay me the funds or you can loan it out again and we'll call it even or you can pay me and I'll loan it out but I'd rather have more team members and it's more fun if you get to chose the loan and the country. I obviously like farming and Ecuador but maybe you'd rather it go someplace else. You could also just join the Kiva team (or some other Kiva team) if you wanted. Wouldn't hurt nothin'.

Last few trainings have been pretty cool, USA, Romania, Canada, Gambia represented. I would love to see a training with all five continents represented one day...soon. Also look for details of a Saturday training instead of a Friday training soon...several people have said they want to come but because of work or kids or whatever it makes Fridays impossible. It sure ain't the money.

Also Brendan has many more GREAT videos and I would encourage anybody doing anything to make time to watch a few (or all) of them.

Details can be found on my FB page here on this blog and soon on the website since it has become a might want to attend one of the trainings themselves because be assured what happens there and what gets edited and put on the parent teacher training page are two very different things...people are getting a lot out of the training page however...and for the money you can't beat it.

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