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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Password Sale Extravaganza IS OVER.

There is was a SALE going on at The House Math!
It's birthday month for both me and my eldest, who just turned TEN.If you got here because I sent you an email, don't worry there won't be very many more emails to you from me again after this. But I figured you'd want to know about this sale.

Here's your chance to SAVE on passwords for a very limited time.

All PAU.

Passwords come in two flavors at the moment...

1. The site wide pass that gets you EVERYWHERE except the Parent Teacher Training page
2. The password for the Parent Teacher Training page

You also have the option to get an Annual or a Lifetime pass.
If you get a Lifetime pass, you get BOTH.
If you need a rain check you can email me and perhaps we can work something out.

If you can't come up with $150.00 (reg $250) for lifetime or $50.00 (reg $89) for annual all at once, I also have the option for you to break a normally priced password up into TEN payments. In other words subscriptions are NOT on sale.

One time payments are at basically 40% off.
There won't be another sale like this all year!.
There will be another sale when the younger turns ten, but prices will have gone up by then...and there will be even more password pages and more stuff on the pages that are already there.

Vids (and more) get added to the Parent Teacher training page pretty regularly. As we speak there are several hours that are being edited and added to various pages.
Several more hours will be added on the training page and more trig on the brand new Trigonometry page...this page alone being worth the price of a password all by itself.
Another page that is worth the price alone is the percentages page, as well as the page on Pi...and circles.

Check out these two links for Paypal buttons and more explanations.

PS: I see I  made some errors in sending out the link with the wrong attachment to some of you so I may try and send you people that already have the SSS manual the Curious Counter's Compendium instead...also I see my email lists are incomplete and might even possibly be a little mixed up, but I'm working on it (and by "I", I mean My Girl Tuesday)...because I don't want to send out email to people who don't want email from me or for example people who already have a lifetime password an offer for a lifetime password...if you want OFF my lists send an email that says UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line, if you want ON the list (and you haven't signed up already at the house of math, or bought product or signed up for the SSS pdf) send an email that says ADD ME in the subject line.  Very soon I will be getting an email program to deal with all this and later this year (or early next year) my training site should be up and running.  And as I look at this page I see it too needs the email address is the correct one...

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