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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Graphing Polynomials With A 7 Year Old.

Start understanding what the symbols mean, and how they relate to a graph.

If you've played with blocks and done the lessons for YEARS this stuff is easy by the time you reach the ripe old age of 7. Ot you can wait ten years until your kids are 17 and watch the pain and frustration mount until the domestic tranquility leave your house hold they hate math, they hate school, and they hate they teachers and of course they hate you and let you know it sometimes at the top of their lungs. Make math fun and easy and now they don't hate going to school anymore in fact they might like going because people will think they are smart because people think people who can do math are smart whether they are or not...but anyway remove the pain and domestic tranquility returns. Maybe it isn't that bad for you, maybe you're just tired of your kid being sad at school because of math. Maybe you shouldn't wait till high school...

Or you could avoid the problems in the first place and let me teach you to teach your kids math. I could do it for you but it'd be better if you did it yourself...and yes I can teach YOU even if you think you are a failure at mathematics. Ever have a kid that has all "A's" EXCEPT for math? Might not be the kid's fault...maybe the method being used to teach the kid is an utter failure, not the kid.

Had to do a quick review of one of the building blocks. Squaring number that end in 5.
Graphing parabolas poses a problem for most kids because all they do is memorize rules and process (and then promptly forget them) or learn a formula and then learn to apply it long enough to take a test and then forget it. How about we understand what we are doing and what the numbers mean instead? Then suddenly this stuff is so easy it's ridiculous and you wonder why there were tears in the first place.

I have also had untold numbers of fathers and mother who DID understand the math but weren't able to get their kids to understand it come come me...after they figured out turning the volume up didn't help. If you have a good grasp of mathematics or love will love my site. If you hate math you will end up loving my site. Check out the comment boxes on facebook and over on this SSS page...(I couldn't buy testimonials like that...well sorta: I bribed them with my book, but if the book sucked you wouldn't see testimonials and "thank you"'s like that now, would you?) you can also go to my website and watch video testimonials.  F to A is common. 100's are not rare at the house of math.

Algebra is Fun If You Do It Right.

You will need to spend some time with the blocks which you can HEAR in the video but you can't see them.  You can see them on my website a bit. I have quite literally hundreds of videos where you can see the blocks in action for factoring these polynomials (and a whole lot more. You will see little five year olds factoring polynomials and having FUN doing it.  They ask for algebra...algebra is a reward near the end of class sometimes.

"Can we do algebra?!"
"Well...ok...but only if you are good and play nicely..."

Watch my videos you will hear this exchange and ones similar to it...

Follow The Links.

If you have some familiarity with the algebra or have struggled with it this should clear quite a few things up quickly. If this is all Greek to you, understand that if a 7 year old can do it, you probably can too it's just nobody ever taught you how in a way you can understand. If you had played with blocks for factoring and you had played with blocks for squaring numbers that in in 5 and you had used blocks to SEE polynomials in their various forms you how you can put a polynomial into these various forms and then use symbols to describe what you did, this stuff would be easy peasy but since all you've ever seen are the symbols confusion hath ensued and you think algebra is harder than water at the south pole in the winter time...or the prom queen's date on prom night.  Turns out completing the square is EASY here are some little kids doing completing the square...I start them out with this at 5 years old any kid can get the concept. Here we just put it all together as it were.

Get yourself some blocks and a password and start having fun or at leaste start taking the pain out of math for your children and maybe even yourself.  Follow the links on this page or just go to the house of math for more. There are hours and hours for FREE and many more hours behind paywalls where you need a ridiculously affordable password to get through to see little kids putting this method into practice and having FUN doing it.  Take the "advanced" algebra page for example....hours of Hours of video. Trig page hours more...of video you'll actually understand. More so if you have a set of blocks in front of you and you can follow along but even if not you can draw and play along that way....don't just watch.

If all you want to do is get by and pass a test this really isn't the place for you, but if you want to actually understand what you are doing and therefore be able to make others like your friends or kids understand it, you have come to the right place. I make math easy because math is easy, not because it's magic, it's not magic it's just math.

Graphing Polynomials? No Problem.
Just Watch Me.

We did this problem too but I didn't get it on might try it at home it's easier than the last one you see in the video because of the even amount of x. In case you need the review here is another video with a lesson on squaring numbers that end in 5.

Don't tell me my passwords aren't worth the money...and this is just factoring polynomials. A lot of kids start having trouble with maybe we back up and you get my FREE subtraction manual, Supremely Simple Subtraction.

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Ready for more? Check out graphing polynomials with a 10 year old.

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