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Sunday, May 10, 2015

ONE DAY Mothers Day Sale.

Happy Mother's Day!

So here are the paypal buttons. Two options. One time pay of $150.00 or 10 time pay of $20.00, one saves you 100 bucks the other saves you 50..."Buy Now" for one time pay "Subscribe" for 10 monthly--use drop down will note the price used to be 26.00 and I will change it back tomorrow.  24 hour sale is ON.

Thanks to everybody who got a password or signed up monthly! REmember when the password changes and you don't get an email with the new one just email me for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE when it does change and you'll get the new one post haste...hope your mother's day was happy. Next sale will be June 25th then it will be a while before the next sale....September....and even then the sale prices by then will be higher than they are now; because a lot MORE CONTENT will have been added by then. Right now the trig page is easily worth the money by itself. Same with the Parent Teacher training page...and I'll be asking for comments from people who are using them that say the same so you don't just hear from me...meantime get my FREE Subtraction Manual if you haven't already. 

You were wondering what exactly you got for 150.00?....hint: WAY more than 150 bucks worth of stuff. Don't miss the next one cuz that's the last one for a while.

Offer void where prohibited. Bamboo steamer and Ginsu steak knives not included with order. People who buy to day will not be entered into a and all expenses paid trip for two to Petaluma. You get nothing but math, math and more math. Hours of video showing you how to do lessons that make math understandable and hours of training that help you understand what you are doing and more importantly WHY. Sale ends Midnight HST. No fooling no whiners. Rain checks will be given on a case by case basis if asked for Before the sale ends. No refunds. Checks are accepted passwords not sent until funds clear. Paypal and credit cards for instant gratification are accepted. If you had a firm grasp of Mathematics it's more than likely you'd be paying with a debit card or a credit card where you carry no balance from month to month....quit feeding the beast and then complaining about the injustices of the banking establishment when YOU are the ones giving them the money in the first damh place. Learn some mathematics this password will go a long way to helping you learn how to teach your children or yourself math so financial freedom is a more likely outcome than debt enslavement. 


  1. Hi I am in Thailand, I wrote an email the others wanting to order big set. Can you pls reply me...thanks