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Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Day Mother's Day Flash Sale.

File under news you can use.


The purpose of this post is to inform you of a real one day sale. I say real because I didn't jack up the price just to mark it down...plenty of people have bought passwords for $250.00 and I have more than a few "subscriptions" coming in at $26.00...although most of them are for $8.50.

This sale is for life time passwords only. Not annuals. I haven't changed the passwrod for quite some time now some some of those who got the 20.00 password have gotten quite a good deal.

When the password changes just email me for the new one...

To be clear. LIFETIME Password.  One time Payment $150.00 one day only: Mothers Day.
Huston, we have a problem.
This is a common meme.
20.00 x 10 payments...

Click Here.

To be clearer still, in case you didn't watch the video,  a Lifetime Pass comes with TWO passwords. One for Parent/Teacher Training and one for anywhere else you need to put in a password, which I call a "sitewide" pass.

That's 50 or 100 bucks off respectively. There will be a page on my blog with this video and paypal buttons or if you prefer I will indeed take a check. People think I don't like checks. I love checks.


Annual passwords ARE NOT ON SALE. Blocks are also not on sale I have no control over the blocks that's Mortco...although I have been trying to get Mortco to put some stuff on sale it still hasn't happened and I wouldn't hold my breath.

If you see this post after Mother's Day NO WHINERS. The next one will be Christmas in June and there will be a one day sale in on the 25th. Same deal. Hopefully I can talk Mortco into putting some kits on sale too but again, don't count on it. After that I don't forsee another sale 'till September but they won't be $150.00 then.

Life time passwords mean just that: no renewals for the rest of your life. When the password changes just email me for the new one if you don't get an email from me telling you what the new ones are.


Also Friday trainings are now a "thing." Take advantage of these while they are still ridiculously low priced. Soon they will be going WAY up in 4x what they are now. Right now you can get 4 hours of training for 25 bucks. That's redonkuolous.

Fridays will be a regular thing except for next week Math 16th I will have a Satuday Training to accomodate a certain person who is making pdf's for me.  Other than that or unless otherwise announced these trainings will be on FRIDAYS.


Next training is tomorrow 8am HST....cost is 25 bucks whether you come for one hour or for four...and if you plan on buying Lifetime Passwords on Mother's Day I'll include this training as part of the deal...

Hour one: Q and A...nubes welcome.

Hours 2-3: Methodology and theory.

Last hour: Math...showing you theory in practice.

You need gmail vid chat installed and you have to add me to your circles...

Come see what this chart is about.

Also when you come to the training....make sure you already have vid chat installed. Make sure everything else but the browser you are using gmail is shut down or you computer will need a high speed connection and you need a newer computer for it to work well. I have had parents doing video tutoring complain about the connection but then come to find out they have all manner of programs running...mail, multiple tabs on the browser, word processor on Macs "preview" is a big hog close it...and you will have a much better time.

Saturday, May 16, 2015.

This one is first come first in advance with paypal or as part of your Lifetime Password...but I can only seat 12 and we already have 6...this last we had 5...3 who were there the whole time and 2 that were in and out. If you come for an hour it's 25 bucks if you come for all 4 hours it's 25 bucks take advantage this deal isn't going may note there was a time when the Teacher training page only had a single video on it and I charged 15 bucks BUT those early adopters got rewarded with being able to get on the page even though now there are 8 vids there now and over 7 hours of training...I'm going to put a few more vids up there from trainings and that will it for this page.

I Know You Want One.



  1. Not sure where to put this, it lands here…..We are changed by this program! Math is so easy for my kids now. My first time around viewing the P/T vids was simply shock and awe. I am almost finished watching them a second time. Taking notes and confident my kids will never struggle with math. I want dvd's CRHM!!! Even just copies of vids i would buy! I just want them!
    Side note: we were on a cross country trip after having the blocks for a few weeks. Everyone knows how small kids love to plead "how much farther" two miles into a journey. I kept saying not far. Finally I said, "we have 1 red block two blue and 6 green to go till we stop." (126 miles) She could visualize it in her head and stopped asking. Not sure if that is even right or a purpose, but it worked for us. We use these even when we don't have them. AWESOME!

    1. DVD's are in the works...problem now is editing because I have too much this other little thing called "time" (which is very hard to define).