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Monday, December 19, 2011

Crewton Ramone Doing Distribution With A Nine Year Old.

This positive factoring of polynomials is easy and fun for all ages. At the house of math we also do negatives, higher powers and more. If you would like to see problems like this factored then you need a password and there is an abundance of material on the advanced algebra page.

negative polynomials

We did problems like to to help work on integers, this nine year ld has little problem with basic operations, and is having fun with fractions already, we will be covering more on this because right now he understands fractions from the point of view of the rules instead of the concepts. In other words he knows how to invert and multiply but he doesn't know why, he knows how to add fractions but he doesn't understand that he is making them "same" so he can add them...and the concept of multiplying by one is lost. But that's another post, this one is about factoring polynomials and it's many and varied uses for teaching math concepts beyond "just" distributive theory.

With young students you use if for cross teaching addends, addition, and multiplication as well as or in addition to factoring and how the distributive theory works. Once we get into negative factors we can use it to teach integers while we are learning about the distributive theory of multiplication.

This was just the warm up, we got into factoring the problems above and more. You can find them on the advanced algebra page, scroll down near the bottom. You will also find hours of other fun algebra there...but as you will see you need a password.

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