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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun Kindergarten Math Activities: Dboyz Play With Bigger Polynomials

Here are some fun problems:

We cover all of these in the longer 20 minute video. Here is the short version, but you can get to the longer vid from here if you like:

In order to get here we played with basic concepts for months. With a password you can have access to hours and hours of video, sample lessons, PDF's and more and you can see step by step how a 6 year old got here. People are quite amazed at just how much you can get for 3 bucks or 12 bucks for an annual pass. Those who buy annual passes before the end of the year are in for some pleasant surprises next year, along with those of you who have already bought a annual pass to show your support...prices will be going up and there are more products being worked on as we speak that will be available at good discounts for those who have already gotten an annual pass. Also there are going to be separate passwords for various topics but right now one password does it all. For those who just want to take a peak 3 bucks gets you a good 60 days worth...but don't expect any special treatment.

[Update: prices have indeed gone up. Look at the side bar for details.]

For a more complete blog post on with these very same videos go to Math Genius Making.

Of course be sure to find us on FaceBook, and go to the House Of Math for much more on the best use of base ten blocks and manipulatives for math enrichment so your child or students can be doing math like this with no problem.

Stay tuned like I say on my website, "I'm just getting started."

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