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Monday, December 27, 2010

ADD Support Coach

ADD Support Coach

An old schoolmate of mine turns out to be a great resource for people with ADD.

She does

Life Coaching for Children and Adults with ADD.

Problem solving, forward motion, completion...

Check out her blog/website:

We went to high school together for a couple years, although she is substantially older than I am.

Here are a few testimonials regarding her work:

* Elizabeth has been an incredible life coach. I have been “stuck” in a certain area in my life for so long and she gets right to the solution. Her intuitiveness is amazing and gentle. I will be forever grateful for all she has done for me. What a gift. Thank you Elizabeth!!!! You are amazing. – Ruberta, Burbank, CA.

Elizabeth, you are absolutely amazing. I have had the greatest of pleasures watching my nephew take wing and fly under your guidance. You have helped him connect to the deepest yearnings of his heart while also helping him find the discipline and the courage to “make it happen.” He has become focused. He’s grounded. He’s organized. He’s no longer on the sidelines talking about what he “might” do or what he “wants” to do or what he “can” do or “cannot” do. Now he’s in the game, manifesting his dream. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.- Stan, Los Angeles, CA

* Elizabeth is not only a dynamic and professional coach, but I found that she was able to work with me at such a personally inspirational level that I achieved more in 2 weeks than I had in 2 years. I look forward to our continuing relationship because I now know that I will be living a life beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you Elizabeth for being in my life. – Kerry Halliday PhD, Brighton, UK

* My daughter, Natalie, has benefited from your knowledge and creativity so much this year. - Erin, Santa Clarita, CA

* Elizabeth is a great listener. She is very enthusiastic and eager to help. Elizabeth has a wealth of experience and will work toward creating a very personalized solution to fit your needs. I highly recommend her. – Carol, Valencia, CA

She offers all manner of support and coaching, if you or some one you know has ADD, (the real kind, not the kid bored to death in class doesn't pay attention so we'll label them and try to get you to buy drugs as opposed to the wants to pay attention but can't...) check her out at this link poke around, Bethy has led a fun and interesting life and came upon this out of necessity for one of her own kids...

Check out her blog/website:

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