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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Crewton Ramone is hosting a TEN HOUR LIVE Math seminar on MAUI!


Will try again next month or the month after.

January 21st and 22nd, 2011 Friday 6p-10p & Sat 8a-4p

Maui Beach Hotel. Kahului, Maui.

Cost 100.00 single, 180.00 for couples advance, before Jan 16th,
120.00 single, 200.00 for couples after Jan 16th
Room specials available starting at 99.00 for off island participants...

Works out to around 10 to 12 dollars an hour and you will find it's more than worth it!

Friday will probably wrap up before Ten but depending on the level of enthusiasm and attendance, 4 hours tends to FLY by...

Saturday, we should end well before 4pm but I booked the room late just in case and so that we don't have to rush out.

Take an hour for lunch plus breaks and we will have about 11 hours to get our ten hour training done. Those 10 hours are PACKED believe me. It's faced paced hands on fun.

This will be a standard "10 hour training" where we cover basic operations (addition subtraction, multiplication and division) as applied to whole numbers, integers, fractions, and algebra. In addition there will be a short session on percents and algebraic problem solving. Throw in a few story problems and TEN HOURS whizzes by.

People are always amazed at the time. We used to have a program where we did 10 hours, then 20 hours, then 30 hours, then 40 hours at at the end of each session people were amazed at how fast time seemed to go.

Pre-requisite for the 10 hour training was/is the ability to count to 9, identify shapes particularly squares and rectangles and be able to tell whether objects are same or different. In Utah where the children where especially well behaved we had some very young children come to the of them got on the news there doing 4th power algebra. I was the one who taught his parents to teach him...I wish I had that footage: it's great.

Once you took the ten hour you could go to the 20 hour and so parent commented that even though the trainings got longer and longer it seemed like they got shorter and shorter...because learning is fun and times flies when you are having fun.

Who should come?

If you are a novice, have a set of blocks, never had a set of blocks, are homeschooling, are a teacher and are wondering how to use the manipulatives left on a shelf in your room, have read about using manipulatives and would like to know more, or would just like to become more effective at teaching math in a conceptual way this seminar is for you. In short anybody who teaches math to anybody whether it's parents or if there is a difference between the two. Tutors are especially welcome. So are well behaved children over the age of 11.

The way we teach math putting a grade level on the information is difficult, but this is an introductory course and will cover math through the high school level, although you will quickly see how and why little kids can do algebra, fractions complex story problems and more.

This is a radical departure from the way you (and I initially) were taught math. You will "see and do" not just watch. Math becomes child's play, even "advanced math."

What to bring:
If you have blocks bring them!!! And paper and pencil too!!! You can bring your own lunch and snacks, or go out for lunch or for 4.99 plus tax a box lunch will be provided by the Hotel. Bring healthy snacks. There will be ice water provided.

I need help putting this on and promoting it. I am willing to pay commissions to those who bring paid sign ups in the form of CASH or a reduction in your attendance fee...$20.00 for each paid sign up, $35.00 for each couple.

If you bring four you come for 20.00, bring three couples and you come FREE plus you get lunch. If you can video it you can come FREE. You need your own camera...

I need a videographer to document the whole thing and hopefully I can make a sale-able product out of it.

Those in attendance will get a copy FREE. I also plan on doing a much bigger seminar later in the year which will cost more than 10 times as much but will only be 2.5 times as long which will be marketed world wide via the internet...most will come from the USA, but you never know who will show up to these things. Those who attend this event will be able to come to that event for a substantial discount.

Those attending will also get FREE passwords and other "Bonus" materials as they become available over the coming year.

What will be covered:

Friday evening:

6p Greeting. "Getting to know you." Find out about who is there and who I am. 30 min.

Detailed introduction to the 5 basic concepts, hero zero and NFGBT1 90 min.

Short break

Introduction to base ten manipulatives. Some fast games for getting started and getting to know the pieces. Covers counting and combine-ing (+, -) plus some multiplication and division) 60 min

Introduction to algebra. 60 min


8am Algebra. 60 min

Problem solving algebraic : 60 min


Fractions: about 2 hours

12p-1p LUNCH

Signed numbers. 30 min

Percentages 1 hour.

Playing with basic operations. Addends for making change. Games and activities. 90 min

Q&A / wrap up. Till 4.

Email to reserve your space and get my phone number:

If you would like a quick demo for yourself or your group just email me and we'll arrange it. Also if you would like a seminar like this in your area email me and we can arrange it...

Still working on Webinars and Web conferencing...

4 Year Old Math Enrichment

If I can explain it to a four year old I can explain it to YOU and then you can explain it to your students...

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