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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was Big In Idaho

Here is a very poor quality screencast containing some vintage footage of a math center I helped open in Idaho along with some commercials for it...I taped it off the TV later I will do a better job and also do some editing as it is dubbed directly from vhs to's 8:33 long.

I put a few minutes of some footage of Jerry Mortensen himself explaining some of the manipulatives he created and I am assured I will be able to sell more manipulatives in the coming year...the multi tens kit, fractions kit and basic operations kit...btw I have two basic operations kits that have the smaller manipulatives thru 1000 or x3 (but no big blue square) if you would like to get one of them let me know just contact me at Gmail.

As I type this I am watching video tape from 1990 when I brought Jerry out to Hawaii to do a seminar, that seminar would change my life. Chalk board... I may put up a few excepts on my website or here on this blog in the coming months as I get the vhs tapes dudbed to DVD...

BTW I spent more time in Utah than Idaho, and helped open centers in SLC, Omaha Nebraska, South Carolina and more. I can't find or don't have video from all those places...this is just some video I happened to find.

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