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Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Fractions Theory In Practice

Here is a short screencast where I cover some fractions concepts with an Autistic student.

You may want to check out this fractions intro post first if you are unfamiliar with manipulatives or new to this blog.

She was suffering under the influence of TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE so was quite flighty and had a hard time concentrating. It was interesting to watch. But once we got going she settled down and she was fine.

SO we started off playing with the concept of what one is. With my imagination I can name the blocks whatever I if the four block is now a one the unit block is now 1/4.

 Same with the five block, if it's now one then the unit block is 1/5. The fraction's denominator tells us what one is.
 We worked out our way up to this problem where she had to reduce the answer even more. It took some thinking and work on her part. Here the picture is labeled for the people reading this blog, the math terms come with the territory and she will know what they mean because we've used them many times rather than learn a definition or an axiom.
 Then we started doing these kinds of problems. Took about 5 minutes to develop the concept and put the concept into practice...
Anyhow, here is a screencast covering a couple of basic fractions concepts:

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